DeepSee Offers Research Portal To Help Advertisers Find Valuable Publishers

Ad-tech consultancy DeepSee is rolling out a platform, the Publisher Research Portal, that it claims can help advertisers determine the quality of publishers, according to Marketing Brew.   

DeepSee analyzes text, looking for such wording as “follow this link” and “torrents," which could denote that a firm has used “inorganic or paid means to bring a bunch of visitors or bots to their website,” says Rocky Moss, co-founder and CEO of DeepSee, Marketing Brew reports.  

Last year, Trustworthy Accountability Group announced a collaboration with DeepSee to help advertisers identify bogus made-for-advertising (MFA) sites.  

This happened when the Association of National Advertisers issued a report stating that 15% of programmatic, open-web advertising dollars was going to MFA sites. The total ad spend – $10 billion. 

As for DeepSee’s new offering, Moss says his original hypothesis was “that it would most benefit the buy side.” But he figures it would “help anyone with skin in the game,” Marketing Brew reports.




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