High Noon Introduces 'Lifestyle Guards' Addressing Minor Beach Mishaps


Lifeguards sometimes face high-stakes, life-and-death situations, where they may need to come to the rescue. “Lifestyle Guards,” meanwhile, intervene in situations where the stakes are significantly lower.

 That’s the comedic setup for the “Lifestyle Guards” campaign from Gallo Winery’s High Noon, and Austin agency Preacher. In a series of six- to 30-second ads, the vodka seltzer brand introduces viewers to its “Lifestyle Guards,” who swoop in to prevent everyday minor disasters during summer get-togethers. A 30-second ad dramatizes the job with mock beach-rescue type action, as a guard straps on a belt with a can holder carrying High Noon, intervenes in a volleyball game and rescues a sagging floaty device, ending with the “Sun’s Up” tagline.



The campaign aims to “demonstrate the Sun’s Up lifestyle with our distinct personality, unique point of view and alluring vibe that is sure to catch attention and attract new fans to the brand” as it positions itself as “a genuine sign of a good day to come,” Gallo Vice President of Spirit Brandon Lieb said in a statement.

The national campaign will run across media channels including broadcast, streamlining, online video, and paid social. As the season heats up, High Noon will also bring the campaign to other touchpoints, including a Snapchat lens, a series of YouTube shorts, tentpole events, and local media.

“While the characters borrow funny cues from pop-culture depictions of lifeguards, they actually take their jobs very seriously,” Preacher creative director Justin Ralph said. “That’s where the humor lies. It’s fun to see a grown man rush in to save the day with a buoy, but the day is actually a shrimp that’s fallen into a grill, and the buoy is secretly a cooler filled with more shrimp.”

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