BMW Partners With Naomi Campbell

BMW is reuniting with a former partner, British supermodel Naomi Campbell, to reveal the BMW XM Mystique Allure, the first-ever BMW tailored with high fashion material.

The one-off show car, which is dedicated to the original supermodel herself, was unveiled with the glamorous backdrop of the red carpet at the 77th Cannes Film Festival, where BMW is an official partner for the third consecutive year. 

The collaboration brings BMW’s longstanding relationship with Campbell full circle. Campbell -- who was featured in the 2023 “Dare to be You” BMW XM campaign, an homage to believing in yourself -- is now getting a one-of-a-kind XM inspired by Campbell’s iconic violet and deep blue fashion looks throughout the years.  

The vehicle is a “deeply saturated Ultramarine shade, accentuated by a lustrous matte finish,” according to the automaker. “A contemporary translation of high-fashion materials from luxury textile manufacturers, the design seamlessly brings the inside to the outside, featuring rich velvet and shimmering Frozen Metallic sequins casting hues ranging from intense violet to deep ultramarine.”



The vehicle also features distinctive sound designs composed by Hollywood film composer Hans Zimmer. BMW and Zimmer have been working together to develop the emotionally moving drive sound for electrified BMW models since 2021.

The vehicle represents BMW’s ongoing vision in contemporary, progressive luxury, says Stefan Ponikva, vice president BMW brand experiences.  

The partnership is the latest high-profile collaboration for the brand to be showcased at Cannes Film Festival, building on last year when BMW rejuvenated BMW Films with “The Calm” featuring Pom Klementieff and Uma Thurman.    

Campbell was featured in the 2023 “Dare to be You” BMW XM campaign

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