Bud Light Spotlights Sponsorship Of UFC's Dustin Poirier

Bud Light’s genie character reappears in a new 30-second ad, following the brand’s Super Bowl ad centering around the character.

The ad appears to be the first following Bud Light becoming the official sponsor of Ultimate Fighting Championship lightweight fighter Dustin Poirier, who is heavily featured in the ad. Entitled “The Walkout,” the spot follows a similar script to the brand’s Big Game ad, with the genie character granting wishes to a group of friends -- one of whom asks to hang out with Poirier.

The brand’s partnership with the fighter followed its entering into a multiyear agreement with the UFC last year to serve as the official sponsor of the league. While financial details of the deal, which saw AB InBev’s American light lager brand supplant Modelo in the role, have not been disclosed, sources claimed it was the largest-ever sponsorship agreement for the UFC, according to ESPN.



The ad also introduces the first “Bud Light Genie” UFC  giveaway, part of the “Easy WIshes” platform the brand introduced during the Super Bowl. Ihe promotional sweepstakes offers fans of legal drinking age a chance to win a number of UFC prizes via the brand’s Facebook or Instagram pages, including: front row seats at UFC 302 alongside the “Bud Light Genie,” accompanying Poirier’s entourage for his pre-fight entrance, and joining Poirier’s team for post-fight celebrations.

AB InBev clearly has a lot riding on its partnerships with the league and lightweight fighter. In a recent earnings call, the company alluded to its investment in marketing around the UFC as an important part of its heavy emphasis on sports and music events as brand vehicles.


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