Zola Says 'Fck It' To Outdated Wedding Pressures

Weddings are stressful — and the pressures and expectations from families and the larger world can be daunting.

Zola, the wedding-planning platform, wants couples to silence a toxic wedding culture and focus on themselves. And that's the thrust behind its new campaign: "‘Fck It."

Allison Cullman, Zola's vice president, brand marketing-strategy, told Agency Daily: "After hearing that thousands of Zola couples were feeling weighed down by unrealistic expectations, pressures and outdated norms, we knew we had to show up and give them the support they needed to tune out the noise and tune in to what really matters: marrying their person. With nearly 1,000 sign-ups for our email boot camp, 30-Days of F*ck It, in under 24 hours, it's evident we're striking a nerve.”

The creative work by Influential is spreading the brand's message via social media, targeting key influencers, including Ashley Demato, Ilana Dun, Julia DiCamillo, Peezie and Michael & Sam.



In addition, users that sign up at www.zola.com/30daysoffckit receive a BS-busting email newsletter. It hits inboxes every other day for 30 days and details curated expert content from Team Z, made up of etiquette, registry and planning experts.

Advice, tips and affirmations for a wedding is specific: It caters to the participants, not the inevitable outside voices. The goal is to focus on one overarching essential: getting married the way a couple wants. 

The wedding-planning platform says it has helped more than 2 million couples get married.

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