Porsche Partners With ChargePoint

Porsche electric vehicle customers will now have easier access to ChargePoint chargers thanks to an agreement between the two companies. 

The partnership will increase the number of available charging stations in the Porsche Charging Service to more than 86,000 across the United States.

“We passionately believe in choice, and as a result we are constantly looking for opportunities to enhance our customer experience and expand charging options,” said Timo Resch, President and CEO of PCNA, in a release. “This is a significant step in that direction, and well-timed as we look forward to the arrival of both the new Taycan arriving at Porsche Centers this summer -- but also the all-new Macan Electric later this year.”

The My Porsche app enables drivers to easily find, use and pay at charging stations. This partnership bolsters the existing integration with Electrify America, which is is a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group of America. VGA’s parent company Volkswagen AG is also the parent company of Porsche. 



Both Porsche EV and PHEV customers are now able to charge at ChargePoint and roaming partner charging stations via the My Porsche app. ChargePoint also has partnerships with VW, Nissan, BMW, Fiat, Chevrolet, Mercedes and General Motors.

In late 2023 Porsche announced planned implementation of the North American Charging Standard charging port created by Tesla for future products in the North American region. 

In addition, the company is exploring adapter solutions for existing vehicles to access the Tesla Supercharger network, starting in the first half of 2025.

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