Community Casts Chelsea Blackwell In Perfect Bar Spot

Perfect Bar announced its "Perfect Imposter"  campaign to help shoppers successfully navigate a grocery store when locating the product.

The brand partnered with reality star Chelsea Blackwell for the spot. A lookalike protein bar, with its own GPS, guides shoppers to where the freshest products live — the fridge.

The video runs across social — Instagram and TikTok — and CTV via YouTube.

Leigh Keith, co-founder-Chief of Brand and Mission at Perfect Snacks, said: “We still find over 80% of American shoppers aren’t easily able to locate Perfect Bar in the grocery stores — many still find themselves searching for protein bars in the snack aisle. So we decided this was a fun opportunity to redirect them to the fridge.”



Capitalizing on that idea, consumers can get a free Perfect Bar by texting FRIDGE to 83715 while supplies last.

The creative is by The Community.

“There certainly were lots of opinions when I shared my experience with celebrity lookalikes," says Blackwell. “Now, I’m excited to partner with Perfect Bar to make sure no one gets duped by impostors in the snack aisle and to hopefully drive unanimous perceptions that freshness belongs in the fridge.”

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