Welch's Juicefuls Squeezes Engagement Out Of Spotify, Artist Partnerships


PIM Brands and Welch’s turned to a partnership with Spotify and emerging musical artists popular with its consumer base for an “Unmute Your Fruit” campaign designed to amplify the Welch’s Juicefuls fruit snack brand.

“Unmute Your Fruit” includes audio ads on the streaming service, visual ads featuring a colorful array of fruit and an orange acting as a loudspeaker, and social media content from country music artist Tanner Adell and singer-songwriter Teddy Swims, along with a geo-targeting mobile shopper marketing component, and a sweepstakes giving away 200 Spotify Premium plans for a year and a VIP concert experience.

The brand worked with Chicago full-service agency Blue Chip on the campaign, partnering with a number of record labels and management companies to evaluate potential musical artists to partner with before arriving at selections tailored for its intended audience.



The “Unmute Your Fruit” campaign is an extension of Welch’s “Whole Fruit” master brand campaign, which featured chef Gordon Ramsay, PIM Brands marketing director Mike Scalera told Marketing Daily. “Like Welch's Fruit Snacks, Welch's Juicefuls is made using whole fruit, meaning every edible part of the fruit — peel, skin, and pulp, is the primary ingredient,” he said.

“The campaign tagline expresses how Juicefuls is serious about whole fruit and is amping up the volume of that message with a music partnership, which was a great fit.

“According to Numerator insights, Welch's Juicefuls shoppers have a high affinity for streaming audio and specifically index high on country rock and pop genres,” he added. “The platform and artist partnerships with Tanner Adell and Teddy Swims aligned nicely with reaching our consumer target through a culturally relevant and immersive collaboration.”

Audio-focused paid media efforts for the campaign debuted in May and continue through June, based around insights from analysis uncovering high potential markets, including Boston, Baltimore, Detroit, Philadelphia and Phoenix.

The media strategy also leveraged “large scale social on Meta platforms,” Blue Chip creative director Darick Maasen told Marketing Daily.

“Unmute Your Fruit” features the brand’s artist partners publishing content on their social channels, then amplified by the brand through promotion on its own channels to extend reach and target “high-propensity shoppers,” Maasen explained.

The campaign also uses geolocation data to drive sales and encourage participation in the promotional sweepstakes, which runs through the end of June. Grand Prize awards the winner and one guest a ticket to a concert experience of their choosing from a list provided by the brand.

“We are leveraging location-based, behavioral, and purchase-based data to reach consumers who are near priority C-store locations to enhance awareness of Welch’s Juicefuls and drive them in-store to purchase,” Maasen explained. “Those consumers experience high impact, full-screen mobile interstitials that promote the sweepstakes and encourage purchase.”

“To reach Walmart shoppers, for example, we are also utilizing our add-to list partner, AdAdapted, to reach people preparing for their Walmart shopping trip and get Welch’s Juicefuls added to the list prior to the shopping trip,” he added. “Shopkick will also drive awareness and provide an incentive to purchase Welch’s Juicefuls at Walmart. We’ve also employed add-to cart shoppable technology to our digital display ads, incorporating a feedback loop that allows us to optimize based on performance. “


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