Waste Creative Spotlights Update To Clash Royal Game

Finnish gaming giant Supercell has launched a new campaign, “Goblin Hijack,” to promote a major update to Clash Royale, its real-time multiplayer game.
Called Goblin Queen’s Journey, the update lets players access a new game mode, alongside the existing one.
Waste Creative produced the spot highlighting the new option, which runs across social media. The creators’ videos are “hijacked” by a puppet Goblin, who invites viewers to "join the Goblin army and help us dethrone the king."



As part of the campaign, Clash Royale is also airing a special episode of the "Goblin Royal" TV show, debuting the puppet Goblin as the new community manager for Clash Royale.

Tasmin Lobley, associate creative director, Waste Creative, said: “It’s been a lot of fun to explore the world of puppetry for this new Supercell campaign. Introducing a Goblin puppet as a community manager feels like a fresh approach to promoting the most significant update of the year."

Waste Creative clients include EA, Google, Epic Games, Riot Games (League of Legends), Warner Brothers and Zynga.

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