Out to Launch

Orbitz launches three TV ads. Bravo promotes its new series by "stunting." Myoplex's latest campaign goes after more than just bodybuilders. Welcome to highlights of ad campaigns launched recently.

Orbitz debuts a TV campaign on April 12 focusing on the best part of shopping for travel online - the joy of easily finding what you want. Each spot uses the tagline "Orbitz. And Go." In "Seal," a father planning an Orlando vacation tracks down a talented performing seal, which is hiding in a nearby cube at his job. In "Vegas," a man with a Vegas weekend on his mind, tracks down three showgirls outside on his patio. The campaign - a combination of :30- and :15-second spots - will run exclusively on national news, entertainment and lifestyle cable networks such as CNBC, MSNBC, Fox, USA, Comedy Central, VH-1 and Spike. A third ad, aimed at the gay travel market, features a cameo by James Getzlaff (of Bravo's "Boy Meets Boy") and will air exclusively on Bravo in late April. Y&R/Chicago created the campaign.



Sega has launched a TV campaign for Sonic Heroes, a videogame for Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo GameCube. "Heroes" opens with a government official running through the halls of the League of Superheroes. He is yelling, "The city is under attack! We need your help!" His plea is met with silence, as he finds the superheroes napping or keeling over from exhaustion. The spot ends with the voiceover; "It's time for some new heroes, Sonic Heroes. 12 heroes. 4 teams. One game that never gets old." The 30-second spot was created by Duncan/Channon.

During the month of March in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, groups of improvisational actors did some creative "stunting" - enacting comical moments from married life to kick-off the March 9th premiere of Bravo's new series, "Significant Others." The series focuses on couples in and out of marriage counseling. It's a funny, honest look at marriage and the rewards - and costs - that come with being in a committed relationship. The series features an ensemble of improvisational actors and comedians who literally script themselves. There were a number of "stunts" - the first was on March 1 at an LA Avengers game - it happened during a "kiss cam" moment with a comical argument broadcast on the stadium's jumbotron.

EAS has launched a print campaign in an effort to build brand awareness among athletes. In the past, Myoplex advertised to bodybuilders. Its latest campaign emphasizes that Myoplex can be used by any serious athlete to improve health, nutrition and performance. Each shows an athlete with an image in the background, such as a mountain biker in the foreground with mountainous terrain in the background. The "Feed Your Potential" ads were created by Italia Partners Advertising. The campaign has been running in Sports Illustrated, Maxim, Men's Health, and Shape since February.

American Originals has launched a print and outdoor campaign to generate interest and stimulate attendance for the American Originals Exhibit at the University of Hartford. American Originals is an exhibition of rare documents, including the Emancipation Proclamation, the Louisiana Purchase treaty, and Thomas Edison's patent application for the first light bulb. The campaign aims to treat the exhibit respectfully, but be bold in showing how it brings history alive. Print ads are running in the Hartford Courant. Mintz & Hoke created the campaign.

Timberlane Woodcrafters, a maker of exterior and interior shutters, has launched its first national campaign. The campaign, estimated at $1 to 3 million, touts Timberlane's expanded product line, its increased outdoor offerings, and the company's signature, traditional, Boston-to-Baltimore Panel & Louver shutters. Created by SFGT, Philadelphia, the ads will run in Architectural Digest, Art & Antiques, Bon Appétit, Country Home, Garden Design, Home & Design, House & Garden, Ivy League Network, New Jersey Monthly, Playbill, Southern Accents, and Traditional Home, to name a few.

Schick has recruited Colby from CBS' "Survivor" to be its spokesman for Schick Quattro, the razor with four, yes four, blades. TV and radio spots have been airing since late last year on network and cable TV, and will continue to run until June. Consumer print ads launched in February; the "where it will stop" campaign was created by J. Walter Thompson.

In website launches this week:

Aloha! Infiniti Motor Sales (Honolulu, Hawaii) has launched a new Website. The redesigned site provides an interactive mechanism for online maintenance scheduling. In addition, the site features a custom video splash page, an interactive map/direction feature, real-time inventory management and 360-degree vehicle views. Media Venture Partners, Inc., Honolulu, designed the site.

Funktion Designhaus has created a Website for Celsius Snowboard Footwear. The site offers a look at its line of snowboard boots coming out for the 2004/2005-snowboard season. Celsius is a new brand of snowboard footwear entering the marketplace this year. The site showcases the company's four lines of footwear - each having three different styles.

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