Hooking Up: LinkedIn

In the old-school advertising and marketing worlds, an elevator pitch was when you cornered someone important in an elevator and tried to get your pitch across — before the doors opened and they walked out. In this issue, we give LinkedIn three floors to make its case (30 words per floor, count ’em).

Ad execs use LinkedIn to network with colleagues, other execs, even target audiences. If you need ideas for a client’s campaign, brainstorm with other professionals or ask buyers directly what ads they like via LinkedIn Answers. LinkedIn lets you harness the power of your network and turns it into a place for advice, introductions, inspiration, business leads, job opportunities and getting a competitive edge. Who knows? The woman on Answers who told you she loves Revlon’s ads might be connected to Ogilvy’s CEO... and may help you land that interview. Doors Shut

Interested in a little love in an elevator? Pitch

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