Oddcast Creates Bridezillas Viral Campaign

viral application from OddcastBridezillas fans have something to tide them over until the upcoming season premiere: A viral application that lets users become brides.

The campaign, which begins today, "embodies the outrageous behavior that can sometimes come from stressed-out brides-to-be," said Kenetta Bailey, WE tv (Women's Entertainment) senior vice president of marketing.

From Oddcast, the company responsible for Elfyourself, the viral campaign can be found at www.wetv.com and was created to promote the fifth season of the hit show, which begins Sunday, June 1 at 9/8c on WE tv.

New York-based Oddcast used its new technology, 3D VideoStar, to create the application, said Oddcast CEO Adi Sideman. 3D VideoStar allows users to create their own personal videos by uploading their photo, which automatically integrates the image onto a video scene, creating the perception that the user is part of the video, he said.



"The folks from Bridezillas came to us and said they wanted to do a viral campaign that would allow users to personalize their own messaging," Sideman said. "We immediately thought--here is a brand with terrific shots to work with."

For the Bridezillas application, users will be able to click through various distraught brides and then create their own bride by selecting from five different bride templates, each with different dress and hair. Users upload their photo and their image is integrated into the video as the actual bride. They can then choose from pre-recorded audio or text to speech, both which allow the user to add audio and further personalize their video.

Viral elements will let users share the customized Bridezillas with friends via email or embed code for blogs and social networks, Sideman said.

"This is a big departure from anything that has been done in the market," Sideman said. "Unlike Elfyourself or JibJab, which look kind of Monty Pythonish with the immobile photo pinned to a moving body, with the 3D VideoStar the photo takes over the speech."

The campaign will run for 90 days. Oddcast will provide WE tv with real-time statistical information including how many of the Bridezilla applications were created, how many were passed along, how many opened it, how many continued to pass it along, etc., Sideman said.

"We're enabling consumers to interact with our brand for a considerable period of time and in an environment that is positive and fun," Bailey said. "Gone are the days when purely traditional vehicles were enough to generate awareness, tune-in and affinity for your brand. Today's marketplace demands that we create passion for our brands and facilitate a contagious brand experience."

Oddcast has been bombarded with requests to use the 3D VideoStar technology, and there are four new campaigns that will break in the next few months, Sideman said.

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