Suzuki To Target Surfers With 'Ultimate Wave' Movie

Suzuki motorcycleSuzuki is backing vehicles like the Grand Vitara SUV, SX4, and its motorcycles, outboards, ATVs--you name it--with a film for IMAX-type giant screen theatres. 

The 3D movie, "The Ultimate Wave," a cross between "Endless Summer" (for those of us old enough to remember it) and "Mr. Science," is a joint venture of the Stephen Low Company, Havoc Films, and Suzuki.

The film, co-sponsored by surfer-fashion brand Quiksilver, explores wave formation and wave forecasting technology, and mixes that with music-video-style footage of surfers, waves, spliced with interviews with famous surfers talking about the ultimate wave.

The film, to be released in the fall of 2009, stars surfing champ Kelly Slater, who serves as narrator. Suzuki's cars, SUVs, motorcycles, ATVs and outboard motors are featured.



The brand integration also supports Suzuki's "Way of Life" brand campaign.

"The Suzuki 'Way of Life' is all about confidently exploring the outside world and discovering one's ability to live life to the fullest, and few activities personify this brand attitude better than surfing," said Gene Brown, VP/marketing for the Brea, Calif.-based American Suzuki Automotive Operations. "We think this film provides an authentic expression of the outlook and excitement that our customers embody and embrace."

Since 2005, Suzuki has been presenting sponsor of the Surfer Poll & Video Awards, and has more recently partnered with the Surfrider Foundation and the U.S.A. Surf Team.

The company says it will leverage the deal with online elements including a four-minute video vignette that launched early this month on,,, and YouTube. The video short, with commentary from top surfers, teases the upcoming film while touting Suzuki's Grand Vitara SUV.

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