Out to Launch

Harrison Ford gets waxed in the name of conservation. Tread lightly in Pittsburgh. Kenny Chesney goes barefoot for Corona. Let's launch!

Every woman loves smooth legs. Even nuns. Venus Embrace launched a TV spot starring a Plain Jane nun who's looking to make drastic changes to her habit. In an effort to spice up her ordinary uniform, the nun makes alterations on a sewing machine. Then she frantically rushes to meet the abbess and her fellow nuns for roll call. The abbess shoots our nun a disgruntled look when she sees that her habit has been altered to expose, wait for it, ankles! See the ad here. BBDO New York created the campaign and SMG MediaVest Group handled the media buy.

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority launched its latest TV spot in its "What happens here, stays here" campaign. "Jet Plane" begings with a couple en route to Vegas, with a man lovingly watching his woman sleep. Fast-forward to the return flight. Woman with tousled hair sleeps soundly while man has look of either shock or guilt. I'm leaning toward shock. I think his lady got her freak on in Vegas. Watch the ad here, and let me know if you have any other theories. R&R partners created the campaign and Initiative handled the media buy.



The BMW X6 has been reshaped. What better way to illustrate this change than with clay? The 30-second spot features a lump of clay that's shaped and molded, then reshaped and remolded until the car's shape is just right. Watch the ad here. When I first watched this ad, I was reminded of a spot for Honda CR-V called "Cookie." In that ad, a drop of chocolate chip cookie batter morphs into a CR-V. A bit of a stretch, I know, but watch the ad here to compare and contrast. GSD&M Idea City created the BMW campaign and handled the media buy. RPA created the Honda CR-V spot.

Kenny Chesney ditches his cowboy boots for a Corona in the brand's latest TV spot. Chesney sings for his supper: Corona is sponsoring his "Poets & Pirates" tour. A camera follows a set of bootprints in the sand as an unidentified man sings and plays his guitar. The bootprints become footprints and the unidentified crooner is revealed, singing his song "Old Blue Chair." See the ad here. The spot debuted during the Academy of Country Music Award show on May 18, a boon for Corona since Chesney walked away with the Entertainer of the Year award. Cramer-Krasselt created the campaign and handled the media buy.

Harrison Ford gets waxed in a cinema ad for Conservation International, hoping his pain will raise awareness about climate change caused by burning and slashing tropical rainforests. There were no Kelly Clarkson references made during the PSA's filming. Ford walks into a salon to the song "Corduroy" by Pearl Jam, takes off his shirt and gets a sizable chunk of chest hair removed in one fell swoop. The PSA concludes with the theme "Lost There, Felt Here." Watch the ad here, created by BBDO New York.

Do you understand the language spoken in a cinema and radio campaign for bot Beverages? If so, you've got problems. The ads use three animated figures to represent the vitamin-fortified water's berry, grape and orange flavors. The creatures speak to one another in a language all their own -- like kids communicating with each other in a way that leaves adults scratching their heads. In one ad, the figures play Marco Polo using different sounds as a crow swoops down and eats the eyes of one participant. See the ad here. A magic wand leaves one character stuck as a flower. Farting does not restore him to his original look. Watch the ad here. A character sprouts propellers in the final ad, taking down his friends with his new appendages. See the ad here. "Bot is good" concludes each ad, in English. Print ads, seen here, here and here, are equally disastrous, serving as cautionary tales for lawn darts, pet sharks and oboes. TDA Advertising & Design created the campaign and media buying was handled in-house.

Talk about a bumpy ride. The Community Design Center of Pittsburgh launched wildpostings promoting Pedal Pittsburgh, a fundraising bike tour of the city that ranges from 6 to 50 miles. Creative features a bicycle tire tread in the form of Pittsburgh's skyline. Be on the lookout for USX Tower, One Mellon Place, PPG Place and One Oxford Center, the city's most prominent buildings. See the ad here. Garrison Hughes created the campaign and media buying was handled in-house.

Coldplay goes from dull to explosive color in "Sonic," an ad promoting the band's current exclusivity on Apple's iTunes. The band's new song, "Viva La Vida" is played throughout the spot, which follows the same format as most iTunes ads -- except the song isn't as bouncy and catchy as other songs used. But it is Coldplay. Watch the ad here. TBWA/Media Arts Lab created the campaign and handled the media buy.
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