Consumers Moved To Action By Local Online Ads

Local media may be suffering a bit in this weak advertising market--even in the online space. But consumers are still moved to action, especially by established local brands.

A report from the Online Publishers Association says that online ads on local branded TV, newspapers, and magazine sites generate an immediate response from consumers. Local newspapers push the fact that 46% of consumers who view online ads "act on local ads," and local TV stations prompt 44% of consumers to take action.

The study, conducted by JupiterResearch, surveyed just over 2,000 people randomly selected from research company NPD's online consumer panel.

Behind newspapers and TV stations, local magazine sites grab 42%, with user review sites moving 39% of consumers and overall portal areas grabbing 37%.

OPA President Pam Horan said in a release: "Just as we see on a national scale, media sites outpace portals and all other online media at delivering meaningful advertising results."



The report goes on to say that portals lead in satisfaction (posting a 58% score), followed by local newspaper and TV station sites (both at 48%). At the bottom end of the satisfaction results are local magazine sites (20%) and user review sites (18%).

When looking at 'visitor frequency,' the report says local media sites have a significant lead over portals among consumers who frequently visit those sites in terms of satisfaction--79% are satisfied with local TV sites and 77% are satisfied with local newspaper sites, tying online Yellow Pages at 77%. Sixty-five percent of frequent visitors to portals are satisfied, and user review sites satisfaction levels are at 60%.

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