Y Moms Connect Through The Internet; X Moms Task

Y Moms Connect Through The Internet; X Moms Task

A recent study conducted by NewMediaMetrics found a significant difference in the types of digital behavior embraced by the X and Y generations when it comes to child raising.  Gen Y is much more attached to media that connects them to other moms (online communities, blogs, video-sharing sites, etc.), while Gen X moms are more likely to embrace the web for task-oriented activities like shopping online and uploading photos. The study concludes that this might signify a shift in the way that marketers should be targeting the next new generation of moms online.

In this survey of moms who visited, both groups X and Y share similar objectives of exploring mom-related issues online, Gen Y moms tend to have much higher attachment to interactive tools that allow them to connect directly with other moms.

The findings show that Gen Y moms make use of digital tools and activities that allow them to create and own content (i.e., online profiles, blogs), as well as connect and interact with other moms (i.e., text messages, photos and video, online community). These behaviors demonstrate Gen Y moms' confidence in their use of these technologies as forms of communication and self-

expression. It also reveals a trend among the younger Gen Y moms of relying on the common experience of members of their cohort to help them navigate their journey through parenthood.

What Gen Y Moms Are Most Attached To


Gen X EA* Index Vs Total Readers

Gen Y EA Index Vs Total Readers

Take/send photos with phone



Text message on phone



Maintain online profile



Own blog



Watch TV shows online



Create/share own video



Online community of moms



Read others' blogs



Source: NewMediaMetrics, August 2008 (* Emotional Attachment (predictor of consumer purchase and media behavior)

Gen X moms use online technologies very differently. They tend to engage in more task-oriented activities, such as online shopping, researching and reviewing products, and organizing photos. This illustrates a significant generational shift in how they behave in comparison to their Gen Y successors when it comes to the use of digital tools.

What Gen X Moms Are Most Attached To


Gen X EA Index vs. Total

Gen Y EA Index vs. Total

Shop online



Rate/review products online



Use online photo site



Source: NewMediaMetrics, August 2008 (* Emotional Attachment (predictor of consumer purchase and media behavior)

Both Gen X and Gen Y mom cohorts use technology as a resource to help them meet their needs as parents. However, there is a clear distinction in how the members of each group access and interact with their world digitally, concludes the report.

It's essential for marketers to understand these unique characteristics and use this knowledge to drive their mom-targeted marketing strategies.

For the PDF file on the study, please visit Parenting here.

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