Out to Launch

Post-election ads. Is it too early for holiday ads? Answer: apparently not. Let's launch!

Douleurs Sans Frontieres (Pain Without Borders) launched a TV ad that raises awareness of the cyclical effects of constant pain. The ad centers on a young child walking with his mother down a street full of destruction. His mother collapses and the traumatized boy continues moving along, passing his mother's body, again and again, until viewers see that the boy is walking on a conveyor belt, passing the same horrible situations over and over. "For some of us, pain never stops. You can stop it," concludes the ad, seen here. Viewers are encouraged to visit the Web site to make a donation to the group, which provides training to local medical teams all over the world. TBWA/MAP created the campaign.



Tecate Light launched a funny Spanish-language TV spot advising Mexican men living in the U.S. not to drink flavorless light beer. Using the tag line "Para los que quieren más" or "For those who want more," the ad features distraught Mexican parents who are devastated to learn that their son, now living in America, drinks flavorless light beer. "It's my fault," wails the mother. "I made him drink a lot of water as a child." The spot ends with a plea to drink Tecate Light and a hello from Aunt Conchita. See the ad here. Adrenalina created the campaign and MediaVest New York handled the media buy.

Citi launched two TV spots starring Mary J. Blige and Nickelback for its Citi Cards holiday sweepstakes promotion. "Story of a Lifetime" is a continuation of the company's "What's Your Story?" theme and features fans of Nickelback and Mary J Blige. An extreme Mary J. Blige fan rides the elevator with the singer, in one ad, seen here. Her inner thoughts speak volumes, but nerves silence her outside voice. Two Nickelback fans move from nosebleed seats to floor seats in another ad, seen here. Their challenge is to successfully move to the better seats without being caught by security. Publicis New York created the campaign and Mediaedge:cia handled the media buy.

MasterCard Worldwide launched its holiday promotion TV spot called "Overjoy of Giving." This ad ran last year as well; it's been slightly tweaked, for I don't remember a trampoline being a part of the ad. The promotion gives consumers a chance to win two identical prizes; one to keep and one to give away. A wife begins to unwrap her gifts and wonders why she's receiving a box of tissues, a paper bag and a trampoline. Her answer sits outside in the form of a brand-new car, where upon viewing, she cries, hyperventilates and passes out, using each gift her hubby wrapped. Watch the ad here, created by McCann-Erickson.

King Arthur Flour launched a print campaign in Yankee, Southern Lady, Taste of the South, Eating Well and Fine Cooking that encourages baking with the flour on more occasions than merely holidays. That's some mighty powerful flour. The food pictured in each ad: cookies, cupcakes and yum, focaccia bread, successfully left me both hungry and wanting to bake. "You'll look for reasons to bake," say the ads, along with different reasons why baking took place. "Happy Tuesday" read one ad, and "Thanks for doing the dishes" read another. Mine would say, "You're over the hump." See the ads here, here and here. KSV created the campaign and media buying was handled in-house.

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America launched a post-election outdoor campaign to spread hope and unity. The attitude for both ads changes from "vs." to "us." The words "last night" and "this morning" appear below the words in the first ad, seen here. The second ad, running until the end of today, has a similar message, writing out the dates November 4 and November 5 alongside the change in mindset. See the ad here. The ads are running on digital out-of-home displays, including bus-side ads and mall networks. TAXI New York created the campaign.

Pedigree wasted no time in getting a print ad to press following President-Elect Obama's promise to his daughters to bring a puppy to the White House. The ad ran in last Thursday's edition of USA Today and features an adorable shelter dog in need of a home. "...We think you'll find that shelter dogs are among the most loyal, loving and special dogs in the world. And no dog is more in need of a little hope," says the ad, seen here. Weber Shandwick Chicago and TBWA/Chiat/Day Los Angeles created the ad.

Calvin Klein Performance gear launched a print campaign called "New Movement" with the women pictured striking poses that should come with a "consult your doctor before attempting" warning. Actually, the looks are pretty standard if you're a yoga practitioner or one that exercises regularly. Targeting women with active lifestyles, the ads are running in Shape, Women's Health, Cookie, New York Times Magazine, In Style, Elle and Real Simple. See the ads here, here and here, created by Full Contact.

The Boys & Girls Club of Boston launched "In These Hands," a campaign to raise awareness for BGCB programs at a time when acts of violence among Boston teens are on the rise. Print and online ads drive people to a redesigned Web site for additional information and making donations. Ads show actual hands of the children who use the club with copy written on them. "In these hands. The poetry of living life or doing life... An epiphany or a felony..." reads one ad, seen here. Hill Holliday created the pro bono campaign.
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