General Motors, Tiger Woods Part Ways

  • November 24, 2008
The latest signal that General Motors is doing fiscal triage is that Tiger Woods and the automaker are parting ways. Woods, who has endorsed GM's Buick brand since 1999, will cease to be the affable face of the GM mid-luxury brand by year's end, per the company.

Per GM, Woods wanted out so he could have more personal time, but the company also said the relationship was axed for cash.

Mark LaNeve, General Motors North American vice president of sales, Service and Marketing said in a release: "Tiger has been a great friend to GM and a fantastic asset through the years helping to bring consumer awareness to many new GM products. In light of the news coming out of Washington," LaNeve added, "this decision is the result of discussions that started earlier in the year and the timing of this agreement with these other activities is purely coincidental."--Karl Greenberg



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