The Se7enth Seal

RAM: The Se7enth SealThere are seven deadly sins, seven days of the week, seven brides for seven brothers, seven dwarves, and, according to eMarketer, seven ways to tighten your belt in these lean times.

1. Because online marketing is inherently more measurable, advertisers should embrace its accountability so they can demonstrate to their bosses that a marketing program is working.

2. Remember that search marketing will be more vital than ever because it generates a direct response and a return on investment.

3. Combine search marketing with online branding to create product awareness and desire.

4. Marketers should keep in close contact with their consumers. One of the best ways to stay in touch is one of the simplest: e-mail. It's an inexpensive and efficient marketing channel and a good bet in a sliding economy.

5. Part of keeping close to your constituents is to focus on building trust through good customer service, listening to what consumers say on blogs and social networks, and creating consumer forums for interaction.

6. Don't forget online video. Marketers should bring their video content to the Web, such as promotional films, sales demos and customer testimonials. Video makes a site stickier and keeps viewers more engaged with content.

7. Test. Because now is actually a good time to experiment - but with practical, data-backed marketing tactics.

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