Running on Fumes

In what is perhaps a last-ditch grab for some of that federal bailout money thought to be coming Detroit's way, Burst Media announced in November a new vertical network aimed at "auto intenders" - people thinking of buying a car. The company says it can greatly influence auto sales by reaching consumers whose online behaviors suggest they're in the market, a window that averages 30 to 90 days. (When it finds out that what consumers are in the market for these days are Vespas, mopeds and rickshaws, there might be trouble.)

Ad-management platform adConducter attempts to reach beyond content to include behavioral targeting. Auto intenders are often discovered, for example, when they use search to compare auto prices or specific makes and models. The network then delivers ads on specific Web sites; the ads and Burst's auto-specific content can be aimed at young adults, moms, eco-friendly shoppers, family travelers, trendsetters and other demographics.

Intenders are also often found through any of three of the usual suspects: auto research sites, auto enthusiast sites and lifestyle sites. Marketing strategies include expandable ads and in-banner video.
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