Bolted On

RAM: Bolted OnDisney's latest lovable creation has gone mobile, and should AvatarLabs' executive creative director, Rex Cook, be believed, there just ain't no turning back now. "It certainly has rocked my world," Cook says, apparently without a hint of irony, of his agency's newest creation, a 3-D iPhone game promoting Disney's animated film Bolt. In "RhinoBall," players guide the misleadingly named Rhino, an obese hamster featured in the film, around large obstacles like city streets crowded with cars by simply tilting their iPhone. The app, downloaded for free more than 700,000 times within its first six weeks, also features Bolt's TV commercial and trailer. Avatar, which has worked on plenty of online campaigns for major films like The Simpsons Movie and 300, is bursting at the seams with excitement. "This is really a brand new arena," Cook says of the mobile frontier, "With 10,000+ apps now! Holy s%&@!"
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