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  • Obit: Industry Journalist, PR Exec John Wolfe, Dead At 72 by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 05/20/2024)

    I knew John for 20+ years, meeting him soon after my arrival to ANA.  Our paths crossed during his tenure with the 4A’s and later when he was with GroupM. We both went to Boston College and that “BC bond” connected us. When John joined ANA eight or so years ago we got to know one another better and worked together on the press strategy for many important reports – programmatic media transparency, advertising fraud, and the rise of in-house agencies, to name a few. We debated a bit and even disagreed at times. But I always respected him and his opinions. Johnny Boy … you will be missed by many, including me! 

  • The Principles Of Principal by Joe Mandese (Planning & Buying Insider on 05/14/2024)

    All good, Joe. Thanks for the conversation and debate! 

  • The Principles Of Principal by Joe Mandese (Planning & Buying Insider on 05/14/2024)

    Joe, regarding the comment on the report, “… it is incomplete and not representative of the greater world of media-buying, because it is only shows what the biggest U.S. advertisers know and think about the practice.” ANA membership is comprised of approximately 900 client-side companies.  Yes, that includes many of “the biggest U.S. advertisers.”  But it includes many, many small and mid-sized companies as well.  As an example, going to the list of ANA Client-Side Marketer member companies under “A” you’ll find big companies including AB InBev, Allstate, and American Express. Yet there are many small and mid-sized companies including Alabama Power Company, American Red Cross, and ASPCA. Further, the respondents to the ANA survey that was featured in the report reflected this diversity. One-quarter of respondents had 2023 annual U.S. media budgets less than $50 million. Regarding the comment, “The reality is that in the digital media-buying world, the vast majority of all buys are based on a principal buying the media: long-tail small and medium size advertisers who buy it directly from the platforms themselves.” The ANA member survey asked, “Over the past year, roughly what percentage of your company’s total media budget do you estimate to be comprised of principal media or other forms of non-transparent media activity?” The finding – principal media represents a fairly low percentage of a company’s total media budget for most respondents — under 10 percent of the total media budget for 55 percent of respondents. Only 8 percent allocate 50 percent or more of their total media budget to principal media. For most ANA member companies who use an external agency, those agencies are primarily buying as agents. Yet principal-based buying is on the rise … hence the need for our report.

  • Industry Veterans' Call To Action: Make Advertising Great Again by Maarten Albarda (Media Insider on 04/26/2024)

    "Ad fraud, MFA sites, etc."?  Sounds like my career highlights at the ANA! Brian and Nick ... count me in!

  • My Nomination For The ANA's Marketing Word Of The Year: MFAs by Joe Mandese (Planning & Buying Insider on 12/07/2023)

    Joe – “MFA” is indeed one of the finalists for the ANA 2023 Marketing Word of the Year. And the winner is … we hope to tell you on Monday!

  • Ad Tech Is Back In Ukraine! by Dave Morgan (Media Insider on 06/15/2023)

    This is inspiring, Dave. And very courageous of you.

  • Report Finds Advertisers Insufficiently Trained, Should Have A 'Chief Media Officer' by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 07/05/2022)

    Six years ago, ANA published our findings on media transparency (i.e., the K2 Intelligence report) and then released “Media Transparency: Prescriptions, Principles and Processes for Advertisers” from ANA and Ebiquity/FirmDecisions. One of the key recommendations there was that advertisers should appoint a chief media officer (either in title or function). That person would then take responsibility for the internal media management and governance processes that deliver performance, media accountability, and transparency throughout the client/agency relationship. On the most fundamental level, the chief media officer should drive the media strategy, partner with external agencies, and work with third-party suppliers to optimize the media mix and maximize ROI. This executive would be the centralized internal resource to drive integration and share best practices across internal brand teams and external agencies. The chief media officer would be the internal subject matter expert on the many important and complex media issues confronting advertisers today. While there has been some progress in this role being established, we’d like to see more companies embrace the position of chief media officer.

  • What The Marketing Word of the Year Should Be, For Those Who Care by Joe Mandese (RTBlog on 12/14/2020)

    Joe – thanks for your interest in this.  “Empathy” was on our list of 2020 marketing word of the year candidates. Among 12 options, it placed fifth (behind pivot, virtual, agility, and resiliency).  Among those who did vote for empathy, here’s what we heard:"Through empathy, marketers can better connect with customers, prospects and community. During trying times, we all need more empathy. It’s the key to human connection." "The world needed empathy in 2020 and customers responded to brands that demonstrated it and took action to help others." "Empathy has always been part of great marketing. In 2020 empathy took a central role as marketers led the way in helping their organizations grow guided by insight into their consumers and the larger needs of their communities." "We've seen an incredible amount of empathy through the year - towards families dealing with COVID, our frontline workers, opening eyes to racial injustice, colleagues balancing work from home with little kids or elderly parents, etc. We've all been exposed to areas we've never been before and forced to step in someone else's shoes." Empathy is a good word to identify with 2020 marketing, but just didn’t get the votes as the other top words.  Just curious, are you protesting this election?  (-:

  • The Importance Of Internship Programs by Dave Morgan (Media Insider on 09/17/2020)

    Dave – kudos to you and your company on your internship program.  I’ve seen first hand how internships during college could be a pathway to full time employment upon graduation.  I have triplet daughters who graduated from college in 2019.  All three had various internships during the summers of their college years.  All three now have full time jobs resulting from those internships.  Molly is working with our local congressman; Haley is a 4th grade teacher; and Katie is a copy writer for an ad agency.  Internships are great foundations for a career and in some cases could be life-changing.  Congrats to Simulmedia for keeping your program alive this year.

  • Think Twice Before Extending Agencies' Payment Terms by Maarten Albarda (Media Insider on 03/20/2020)

    Nice commentary, Maarten. Just one point of clarification – don’t blame procurement for this one!  In the qualitative discussions that followed our quantitative, the majority of respondents asserted that payment term changes are almost always led/initiated by finance given pressure from Wall Street and the resulting focus from companies on working capital initiatives to drive cash flow from operations. One such initiative is extending suppliers’ payment terms. Procurement has a secondary role here and that is to implement/enforce the new terms.  

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