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Gino Sesto

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Expertise in the Science of Digital. And the Art of Outdoor. Our proven approach to media buying is both simple and powerful. First and foremost, it’s grounded in collecting and analyzing relevant data. With a keen understanding of what the numbers are telling us, we proceed to collaborate closely with our clients – continually checking, rechecking and refining to optimize campaigns at every possible opportunity. The result is a streamlined media plan that’s properly positioned for the greatest return on investment. Add this to our pride in consistently meeting tight deadlines, our insistence on extraordinary service, and the experience to work effectively with any budget, and you’ve got the perfect agency for any media buying challenge.

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  • What Makes a Great Political Billboard? 7 Essential Rules to Follow in MAD on 08/16/2022

    It could be another record year for political ads and out of home will reap the benefits. Like any billboard, creative is the key to a great political ad, and we've seen a lot lacking during this election cycle.

  • The 10 Best 2022 OOH Super Bowl Ads in Los Angeles in MAD on 02/15/2022

    It's something ingrained in us over the years. After the Super Bowl, we eagerly look for a breakdown of the big game's best TV ads, debate spots and check out social media reactions. But what about the best out of home Super Bowl ads?

  • Do Boycotts Work In Advertising? in MAD on 07/21/2020

    We're thinking about this now because of the recently inaugurated Facebook ad boycott, protesting what many see as the company's lax auditing of hate speech and misinformation. The social media behemoth has faced previous protests from users over its hate speech policies, and not much has come of them.

  • In the Coming Agency Shakeout Small Ones Are Better Positioned to Thrive in MAD on 06/30/2020

    We're about to see a shakeout among big and small agencies. There's no easy way to say this part -it's going to be rough for big agencies. Smaller ones are better equipped and set up to handle the unique economic issues brought on by coronavirus.

  • Top 5 Out-Of-Home Advertising Trends in Marketing Insider on 07/24/2018

    Out of home is the only traditional media seeing ad spending growth right now, and for good reason. It remains relevant despite continued development and deployment of new media that have drawn eyeballs away from newspapers, magazines and linear television.

  • Dawn On Sunset: Why The Oldest Advertising Ways Are Thriving In The Middle Of The Digital Revolution in Marketing Insider on 06/01/2018

    The billboards on Sunset Boulevard in my hometown of L.A. have always been prime real estate. From the hand-painted signs of yesteryear to today's blacklight, multidimensional flights of fancy, people want their films, albums, and faces up there. And they will pay a premium for it, even after digital and social media have changed almost every other part of advertising and promotion.

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