Digital News Daily Editions for August 2018
Digital News Daily - Friday, Aug. 17, 2018
Tech Companies Weigh In On Trump's Twitter Blocks
Facebook Sued Over Audience Metrics
Xumo Expands Channel Lineup As Viewership Rises Threefold
Pandora Turns To T-Mobile In Push For Premium Subscribers
Twitter Cuts API Feature Access
Google Employees Demand Transparency Around China Search Engine
Data Breaches Fall In First Six Months Of Year: Study
How Brands Can Thrive By Using First-Party Data
Navigating Digital Transparency Without A Road Map
Boo! YouTube Nixes Scary 'Nun' Movie Ad
Digital News Daily - Thursday, Aug. 16, 2018
Twitter Gives Promoter Of Mass Violence A 'Time Out'
AT&T Completes AppNexus Acquisition
Verizon To Offer YouTube TV In 5G Broadband Rollout
TV Ad Spend Appears To Boost Digital KPIs For Auto Brands
White House To Battle Facebook Over Robo-Texting Law
Viant Launches Purchase Cycle Ad Targeting, BevMo Programmatic Audience Segments
Google Can't Shake Privacy Suit By Mississippi Attorney General
Instagram Is Hacked
Facebook Failing To Curb Hate Speech In Myanmar
Did Apple Push Yahoo Japan To Abandon Game Streaming Platform?
Amazon Eying Landmark Theatres
Amazon, Microsoft Partner For Smarter Speakers
Twitter Blocks Alex Jones For A Week, Saying He Violated Rules
Google Makes Political Ad Spend Transparent In New Report
YouTube Can Sell Fake Views, Not TV
Digital News Daily - Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2018
Can Interactive Video Right Facebook's Ship?
Streaming Video Bundle Subscribers Are OTT 'Super Users'
Telaria Integrates Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings Into Platform
House Democrats Slam FCC Chair Over Cyberattack Claims
HQ Trivia Brings Interactive Game Show To Connected TVs
Small Cable Companies, Advocacy Groups Seek To Nix AT&T-Time Warner Merger
Amazon Smart Speaker Share Drops To 41%; Google Up To 28%
Activision Publishing Consolidates $140 Million Global Media With OMD
Streaming Video Tech Company Vidpresso Joins Facebook
Connected TV Ad Spend Poised To Hit $8.2 Billion In 2018
To Reach Profitability, Conde Nast Will Reduce Ad Revenue To 50%, Focus On Video
Alphabet Invests $375M In Oscar, Gains A 10% Stake
Does Google Track Users, Even When They Turn Location Off?
The GDPR Impact On Email Retention And Archiving
Digital News Daily - Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2018
Netflix CFO Wells To Step Down
Streaming Video Services Pour Resources Into The Home Screen
FCC Proposes Keeping 25 Mbps Broadband Benchmark
California Lawmakers Urged To Reject Attempts To Weaken Privacy Law
Nielsen Rallies On News Of New Takeover Scenarios
How Critical Are Meaningful Conversations?
Alex Jones Claims He Picked Up Subscribers After Being Dropped By Tech Platforms
Twitter Extends Lite App To 21 Countries
FuboTV Taps Two Execs To Lead Engagement, Design
Does Facebook Still Care About News Publishers?
Hackers Use Chipotle Ad To Spread Malware
Google Tracking Users Who Don't Want To Be Tracked
SVOD Services To Climb Nearly 40% In 5 Years
Vimeo Joins InfoWars Blackout
Is Snap Losing Its Business Edge?
Playbuzz Taps BuzzFeed Exec Matt Trotta As North America GM, Plans Expansions
Consumer Screen Time Increases; Screenless Smart Speakers Unfazed
Digital News Daily - Monday, Aug. 13, 2018
Startup Finds Paying Consumers To Look At Ads Is About Value, Not Money
California Lawmakers Renew Push For Net Neutrality
NBCUniversal Plans To Take A Different OTT Tack With WatchBack
Apple To Brand iPhone As Digital Wallet
'Jeopardy!' Joins Hulu In Streaming Deal
BrightLine To Add Cuebiq Location Data For OTT Ad Buys
Facebook Challenges Robo-Texting Law
Twitter Stretching Truth To Justify Alex Jones Support
Apple Rehires Star Engineer Doug Field
Facebook Nixing Friend List Feeds
Facebook Clarifies Content-Policing Policies
Reddit Pushes TV Discovery, Search Across Platforms, Films
AgilOne, Criteo Partnership Links In-Store Purchase Data To Online Ads
Viacom Licenses Ad Tech Vantage To Fox
Streaming Is Challenging Live TV
A Big-Picture Approach To Digital Advertising
Digital News Daily - Friday, Aug. 10, 2018
ANA Presses For Revisions To California Privacy Bill
Roku Expanding Roku Channel To The Web
ComScore Inks Deal With Inscape For ACR Data
FTC Says Get-Rich-Quick Promoters Sought To Suppress Reviews
Twitter Defends Policies Over 'InfoWars' Controversy
Viacom Expands Efforts To Produce Shows For Streaming Services
Some Samsung Android Phones Add 'Fortnite'
Discord To Sell Video Games
Does Twitter Need Better Values?
Researchers Release Facial Recognition-Powered People Finder
Google Extends Responsive Search Ads Availability, Text Ads Gain Characters
Panasonic's Approach To GDPR
Is Disney Taking On Netflix? Think Road Trip With Plenty Of Stops, Starts
Digital News Daily - Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018
Disney Teases Upcoming Streaming Service, Set For 'Late 2019'
Twitter Stands Apart, Standing By Alex Jones
Personalized Shopping Engine Dynamic Yield Raises $32M
Tinder Doubles Subscriber Rate, Revenues
White House Argues Trump's Twitter Blocks Don't Violate Constitution
OpenX Rolls Out Video Header-Bidding Solution
Twitter Wants Court To Halt Suit By White Nationalist
Magic Leap's First AR Headset Gets Middling Reviews
Facebook Messenger Adds AR Games
Roku Reports Strong Q2
Apple's iOS Health Regards Gaining Partners
Why First-Party Data Is New Key Performance Metric
Search And Ecommerce Taking A Larger Piece Of Back-To-School
Digital and TV Advertising Overlap
Consumers Still Pay For Premium Content - When It's Streaming
Google's Next Steps For A Censored Search Engine In China
Samsung Plans Giant Spend On AI, Auto Tech, 5G
Digital News Daily - Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2018
Facebook Enters Financial Services Biz, But Not Without Controversy
Katzenberg's NewTV Raises $1 Billion From Major Studios
AT&T Acquires Control Of Peter Chernin's Otter Media
FCC Comment System Crashed Due To 'Apparent Shortcomings,' Not Cyberattack
Court Sides With Amazon In Battle Over Search Marketing
Liquineq's Blockchain Bank Payment Protocol Coming To Advertising
Audience Engagement Measurement Firm Spark Neuro Raises $13.5M
Tru Optik, Triton Digital Sign Deal For Podcast, Streaming Audio Measurements
Snap's Earnings Up 44%, Daily User Rates Dip
China Eyes Apple As 'Bargaining Chip' In Trade War
Mozilla Tests New Recommendation Feature
Google Hit With Fraudulent Takedown Requests
Ad Industry Voices Opposition To Census 'Citizenship' Question, Says It Will Boost Non-Respondent Bias
Months After GDPR, U.S. News Sites Continue To Block E.U. Readers
Most Trusted For Digital Privacy: Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple
Digital News Daily - Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2018
Overwatch League Finals Show Esports Bulls AND Bears
Facebook's Alleged Video Metrics Errors Amount To 'Fraud,' Marketers Claim
FCC Seeks To Vacate Decision Upholding Obama-Era Net Neutrality Rules
Appeals Court Urged To Vacate AT&T-Time Warner Merger Approval
Locast Streaming Service Set To Expand
Facebook-Owned Sites Drop Levels Of Digital Consumption
Apple, Facebook, Spotify Cut Links, Remove Some Infowars Digital Content
Traditional Pay TV Losing Subscribers, Virtual TV Soars
Discovery Taps Faricy To Lead Global DTC Services
Why Google PlayStore Won't See Fortnite
Twilio Reports Strong Q2 Earnings
Bing Adds Intelligent Search Features On The Upside
Facebook Says It's Not Moving Into Financial Services
MoviePass Reverses Its Price Hike, Limits Users To 3 Movies A Month
Alexa Testing 'Answer Update'
Alexa Hardly Thriving As Commerce Channel
Digital News Daily - Monday, Aug. 6, 2018
CBS Points To OTT As The Future
Amazon Tops List For Spending Most On Programmatic Ad Buys, Per Study
ICE, Microsoft, Starbucks Partner To Convert Cryptocurrency Into U.S. Dollars
CuriosityStream Launches Free, Ad-Supported Option
Apple CEO Lauds Staffers For Trillion-Dollar Value
Tech Companies Tell Court They're Not Responsible For Terrorist Propaganda
Comcast To Add Amazon Prime Video To X1 Platform
Why Google PlayStore Won't See Fortnite
Location-Sharing On Google Maps Now Includes Battery Level
Summertime, And The Grilling Is Sleazy: Brand-Safety Incidents Reported By RTB House
Epic Games To Keep Fortnite Out Of Google Play
Amazon's Prime-Day Takeaway: It's All About Customer Relations
Facebook's Plummeting Value Shows Cost Of Unethical Data Collection
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