EU Email Marketing Daily Editions for February 2017
EU Email Marketing Daily - Monday, Feb. 27, 2017
Mobile-First? Don't Write Off The Tablet
AOL, Adsquare Form Data Partnership To Improve Audience Targeting
UK Email Open Rates On Tablets Way Above US
Is GDPR Stopping Email Marketers From Using Third-Party Data?
From Emojis To Pre-Headers: Today's Email Norms
Email Reigns In Retail Recruitment, Retention, Study Says
5 Email Campaigns To Learn From
Checking Block Lists Puts Email Marketers' Minds At Rest
ICO Says Free Data Movement Post-Brexit Is Vital
EU Email Marketing Daily - Friday, Feb. 24, 2017
Is AI About To Offer The Ultimate In Personalised Email?
How AI Could Impact Email Marketing
Microsoft Garage Releases Email Insight App
SparkPost Launches Service For SaaS Industry
What AI Can Do For Your Email Marketing
Marketers Are Delivering On Personalisation
Half of Dissatisfied Consumers Always Opt Out of Email: Study
How Email Marketing Checks Out
Engagement In Email Hits Record High
Tips For Effective Email Copywriting
How To Spot Phishing Emails
Why Follow-Up Calls And Emails Help Drive Sales
Retailers Struggle with Digital Profitability: Study
EU Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017
When Saying Welcome Pays Huge Dividends, Why Do Only 1 In 2 Retailers Bother?
Mobile Engagement Down In Q4 2016
Only A Half Of UK Retailers Send Welcome Emails
Fake Email Marketing 'Facts' That Need Debunking
Report: 20% of All Spam Contained Ransomware in Q4 2016
How to Move Machine Learning From Possibility To Practice
Email Marketing Problems Are Opportunities In Disguise
Silicon Valley Bashes DHS Proposal To Require Social Media Log-Ins
MailChimp Launches Campaign Poking Fun At Its Name
Email Study Uncovers Dangerous Files And Spam
EU Email Marketing Daily - Monday, Feb. 20, 2017
FOMO Is Driving Record High Click-Throughs And Opens, But Not In All Sectors
Click-Throughs Are Up, Latest Research Shows
Deleting Yahoo Accounts Is Harder Than You Would Think
Expert Warns Against Siloed Email Campaigns
Regulators Join Forces To Keep Charity Email Lists Legal
Smartphones Will Survive Despite Other Tech Advances
Email Checklist Can Help Prevent Errors
How Big Data Can Be A Partner For Marketers
EU Email Marketing Daily - Friday, Feb. 17, 2017
Time To Kick Yahoo To The Kerb Before It Ruins Email Marketing For All
The Email Edge: The EU's Other Privacy Woe
Yahoo Admits Email Breached By Hackers Without Passwords
Marketers Not In Tune With What Consumers Want From Email
Email Marketing Messages With A Message
Speedy Email By EasilyDo App Arrives on Android
Why The Subject Line Is More Important Than Body Copy
Six Email Worst Practices
Microsoft Claims To Have Improved Email Search
Will AI And Augmented Reality Change Email?
EU Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2017
GDPR Disconnect: 1 In 3 Know They Are Headed For Huge Fines -- Where's The Action?
Microsoft Doubles Down On Email, Launches Outlook Premium, Email Insights
1 In 4 Still Not Ready For GDPR
Tech Industry Needs To Improve Email Security, Says Mimecast
Email Remains B2B Marketers' Most Preferred Channel
Anomali Announces Cybersecurity Updates, Phishing Protection
Triggered Emails Fuel B2B Ecommerce
BT Moves CRM To Wunderman
MIT Grad Sues Sites That Deny He Invented Email
Consumers Are Fatigued By Email Glut: eMarketer
How Brands Use Emotional Analytics
The Downside of Digital Marketing
EU Email Marketing Daily - Monday, Feb. 13, 2017
Consumers Are Drowning In Email -- Segmentation Has To Be The Answer
Google Warns Journalists Of State-Sponsored Email Phishing Attacks
Security Expert Claims Brands Could Do More On Phishing
Cosabella Lingerie Boosts Email ROI With Artificial Intelligence
Too Many Emails Tops List Of Why Consumers Unsubscribe
How To Avoid The Spam Filter
Mobile Email Drives Call Conversions
SendGrid PursuesTransactional Email Market
Asian Click Rates Plunge as Email Volume Surges
EU Email Marketing Daily - Friday, Feb. 10, 2017
Just Show Us The Deals -- You Can Keep The Content
The Email Edge: The New Cyber Crime
Email Is Crucial, Yet Only One In Ten Say It's Always Relevant
Retailers Relying The Most On Email For 2017 Goals
Email Twice A Week, Work On Good Offers
Personalisation Needs To Go Above And Beyond
Frequency Needs To Be Right To Avoid Unsubscribes
Microsoft Rolls Out Suggested Reminders Email Service
Spammers Can Spoof Gmail Accounts, Researcher Says
New Phishing Attacks Target Cloud Storage
Love Is In The Air... Of Email Inboxes
Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs: Email Edition
EU Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2017
Open Rates Rated -- How Do You Compare?
The Email Edge: Privacy Across The Pond
A.S. Watson Group Partners With Rubikloud, Invests $70M In Big Data
Google Fights FBI Order To Hand Over Non-US Emails
Maropost Launches Da Vinci, Takes On Einstein
Beckham Emails Leaked After He Refused To Be Blackmailed
Only 37% Of Sales Emails Are Ever Opened
Data Doesn't Lie -- People Do
Automation Should Be Top Of Your Email 'To Do' List
New DMA Chair Says Brands Need More 'Authentic Engagement'
Take Time To Create An Email Strategy
Mistakes That Lead To Email Failure
Email Micro Conversions Build Sales
EU Email Marketing Daily - Monday, Feb. 6, 2017
Are You Hitting Your Golden Hour?
Video Is The Big Trend For Email Marketing In 2017
Google Ordered To Hand Over Non-US Email Data To FBI
Tuesdays And Thursdays Are The Best 'Send' Days
GDPR Legislates For Data Portability, DMA Reminds
Are Your Emails To Gmail Accounts Being Mislabeled?
Five Ways Email Marketing Will Change In 2017, 2018
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