Marketing Politics Daily Editions for November 2015
Marketing Politics Daily - Monday, Nov. 30, 2015
Women Will Cast the Deciding Vote In 2016
Cruz, Rubio Rivalry Heats Up
Local Media, POTUS Boost Small Biz Saturday As Cyber Sales Soar
Trump's Plans For Black Evangelicals' Endorsements On The Rocks
Are Millennials Starting To Rethink Social Media?
No 'Creepy' Targeting Allowed Says Snapchat's Spiegel
FBI Tracks Down Major Russian Hacker Via Email Address
Michigan AG Apologizes Over Email
Marketing Politics Daily - Friday, Nov. 27, 2015
Where Do We Stand On Candidate Endorsements?
Data Mining Firm Scours High School Yearbooks To Find Kasich Supporters
Facebook Presses Judge To Dismiss 'Faceprint' Lawsuit
Advocates Ask FCC To Prohibit Text-Message Blocking
Marketing Politics Daily - Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2015
GOP Candidates Hype Fear Of Muslims
Trump Ad Takes Aim At Clinton Over Benghazi
Chris Christie Gains Momentum Following Increased Security Threat
'Huffington Post' Unveils Global Ventures
Search Warrants Force Tech Companies To Turn Over Search, Mobile, Social Data
Iran Hacks Young State Dept. Staffers' Social Media
FCC Hires Online Tracking Expert Jonathan Mayer
Marketing Politics Daily - Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2015
Report: Vast Majority Of Americans Distrust Government
Bringing Law and Order To Wild West Of Programmatic TV
New Iowa Poll Shows Carson Down And Cruz Improving
During Social Media Blackout, Belgians Turn To... Just Guess
Trump Likes Waterboarding, Even If It Doesn't Work
Email Security, Data Privacy Holes Identified By Google, University Study
Paris Tourism Reeling After Attacks
Marketing Politics Daily - Monday, Nov. 23, 2015
The GOP Establishment Works To Defeat Donald Trump
Marco Rubio Releases First Presidential TV Ad
Faith, Fear And Marketing
Millennials, Hispanics Should Push Digital Political Spending
Viamedia, Rentrak Team For New Political Ad-Planning Tool
Trump Not Averse To Violence Against Protesters At His Events
Marketing Politics Daily - Friday, Nov. 20, 2015
Koch Brothers Gather Data On Political Opponents
Clinton Supporter Brock Buys News Outlet To Promote Progressive Journalism
Could Ad Blocking Really Dampen Democracy?
House Approves Bill Implementing Stricter Refugee Rules
NSA Had Found a Way to Continue Reading Citizen Emails, New Documents Reveal
Cuban Government Shuts Down Country's Email Server
Bill Outlawing Online 'Gag' Clauses Advances In Senate
A Modest Proposal: Create Snapchat Counterinsurgence
Marketing Politics Daily - Thursday, Nov. 19, 2015
With SEIU Labor Endorsement, Clinton Looks Golden
Snapchat Looks To Political Ad Revenue
How Political Campaigns Can Avoid '50 States Of Waste'
All Politics Is Data for 2016 And Beyond
'Gawker' Ditches Gossip For Politics
Ubimo Adds Precinct-Level Data To Ad Targeting Platform
Gawker Media Names New COO
Marketing Politics Daily - Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2015
We Have A Duty To Accept More Syrian Refugees
Can Trump The Brand Become President Trump?
Kasich, Graham Want Free Time On NBC, Too
Jindal's Presidential Campaign Ends
What Media Can Learn From PC Video Games
Marketing Politics Daily - Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2015
Presidential Race Shook After The Paris Attacks
How And What Is Ben Carson Marketing?
Bush Pays More Than Rubio For Fewer Ads
Reimagining 'The News'
Trump Calls For Inspection Of Mosques
Survey: Social Media More Effective Than Traditional Marketing
The Pentagon is Now Disabling Links in Outside Emails
Marketing Politics Daily - Monday, Nov. 16, 2015
The Second Democratic Debate: Clinton v. Sanders
Vive le Silence Respectueux
Jeb Bush Not Convinced Trump And Carson Can Deal Effectively With ISIL
Following Attacks, Users Turn To Social Media For News, Solidarity
Efforts To Halt U.S. Refugee Plans Bolstered By Paris Attacks
How Companies Are Targeting Journalists On Social Media
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