Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for June 2023
Marketing Politics Weekly - Tuesday, June 27, 2023
If Elon Musk Was The Brand He Was Five Years Ago...
Study Finds AI News Sites Proliferating, Underwritten By Blue-Chip Advertisers
Is Jesse Watters The New Tucker Carlson?
The Chaos Candidate And The Truth
Oregon Lawmakers Pass Opt-Out Privacy Bill
States Newsroom Launches Newsletter To Cover 2024 Election
GARM, Ad Net Zero Unveil Sustainable Media Guide At Cannes
The Medium Is The Synthesis
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, June 23, 2023
A Year After Dobbs, SCOTUS Decision Proves To Be Pro Advertising -- Mostly For Choice
Guess Who The Least Trusted American Celebrity Is?
How Joe Mandese Taught Mark Zuckerberg Martial Arts
Bipartisan Bill Would Establish Commission To Explore AI Regulation
Texas Governor Signs Law Allowing Residents To Reject Targeted Ads
What Traditional Media Is Getting Wrong About The War In Ukraine
Broadband Service Requires FCC Oversight, Nominee Tells Senate
Pocket And American Journalism Project Showcase Stories From Nonprofit Newsrooms
ProPublica Is About To Be Unionized: Report
PRESS Act to Protect Journalists And Sources Reintroduced In Congress
No More Rainbow-Washing: Why It's Okay To Sit This Pride Month Out
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, June 16, 2023
This Is Your Brain, This Is Your Brain On Politics
Fox News Airs 'Dictator' On-Screen Content In Error: Ad Messaging Doesn't Follow
Trust In Media Has Fallen, With Claims Of False Information: Study
AdImpact Taps Norton As General Manager
Bipartisan Bill Would Prevent TikTok And Others From Sending Data To China
Brand USA Taps R&R Partners As Media AOR
Starbucks Workers Told To Remove Pride Decorations
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, June 9, 2023
AI Bites Dog
ChatGPT Hallucination Leads To Libel Lawsuit
NewsGuard To Track AI-Generated Misinformation
Plenty Of Behind-The-Scenes Drama In Downfall Of CNN's Licht
Marketing Politics Weekly - Thursday, June 8, 2023
The Question Isn't Whether News Publishers Are Thinking About AI
Senators Question Meta Over 'Unrestrained' AI Release
News Trade Group Issues Principles To Govern Use Of Content By Gen AI Systems
Ad Tech Is Back In Ukraine!
Senators Question Twitter Over Privacy, Security
Ben & Jerry's Pulls Ads From Twitter, Cites Rising Hate Speech
New Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino Supports Elon Musk's Bogus 'Free Speech' Mission
TikTok Trackers Found On Missouri's COVID-19 Site
Florida Enacts Privacy Law That Targets Big Tech
Clean Vehicle Ad Campaign Asks EPA To Set Higher Emissions Standards
CNN's Chris Licht Steps Down
Uneasy PGA-LIV Golf Merger: Where Does This Leave Sensitive TV Networks -- And Advertisers?
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, June 2, 2023
Little To Be Proud Of
In A Dangerous Pride Season, Brands Dim Their Rainbows
Target, Bud Light In Culture War Crosshairs, But Not TV
Twitter Quits EU Disinformation Code, Musk Confuses Free Speech For Anarchy
Twitter's Value Falls To A Third Of Its Purchase Price: Fidelity
Fox News Plummets 32% In May, Still Dominates News Networks
California Advances Legislation Requiring Tech Companies To Pay For News
Texas Passes Bill Restricting Teens' Social Media Use
Conservative Groups Bash Chik-fil-A For Diversity Efforts