Publishers Daily Editions for July 2024
Publishers Daily - Tuesday, July 16, 2024
Putting The Finger On Jobs: Is Journalistic Employment Really Flat?
Google Ad Exchange Sold The Most Ads On Made-For-Advertising Sites In May
Hearst, Ad Council Research Institute Focus On Mental Health
Google, TikTok Fight Potentially Harmful Video Claims
Local TV News Is Viewed As Important, Trustworthy
X Calls For Legal Action Against GARM
Publishers Daily - Monday, July 15, 2024
Publishers Have Been Hit By Postal Rate Hikes Of 47.8% Since 2021: News/Media Alliance
'The Boston Herald' Cuts Three Positions: Report
Perplexity Says It Will Share Ad Revenue With Publishers
X's Blue Checks Dupe Users, Violate European Law, Regulators Charge
Google Parent Looks To Acquire Cybersecurity Firm In Biggest Acquisition Ever
Federal Court Delays Net Neutrality Rules
AI, The Common Denominator: It Helps Writers, But Everyone May Sound The Same
Publishers Daily - Friday, July 12, 2024
Throw Your Two Cents In: Spotify Allows Comments On Podcasts
'The New York Times' Tests AI's Headline-Writing Capability: Report
Canada Publishers Demand Reversal Of 'Junk Mail' Provision
'The Anchorage Daily News' Cuts Print Schedule
NPR Is Granted $5.5 Million To Expand Collaborative Journalism Network
Meta To Allow Children To Chat In Virtual Reality
Texas AG's Media Matters Probe Violated First Amendment, Group Tells Court
Google AI Overviews Drop In Search, OpenAI ChatGPT Hides Referral Traffic
Publishers Daily - Thursday, July 11, 2024
Ben & Jerry's Podcast Flavors: Third Year Of Series Features Personal Narratives
NewsGuard Launches Monitor To Measure AI-Powered Misinformation
Display Falls In U.K., Subscription Revenue Is Up
CNN Will Debut Subscription Products This Year: Report
Google's Antitrust Trial Witness List Filled With Top Ad Execs
Google Asks Court To Throw Out Suit Over Data Collection From DMV
Ad Spend Winding Down On TikTok Since Proposed U.S. Ban
Publishers Daily - Wednesday, July 10, 2024
Money Spinning: How Publishers Can Diversify Their Revenue Streams
War Of Words: PragerU Launches Attack On NewsGuard
Black Americans Want Culturally Relevant Content, Study Says
Hurricane Beryl Impact Causes 'The Beaumont Enterprise' To Not Print On Tuesday
Neiman's Inside Sale: 31M Emails Exposed In Breach
X Petitions To Revive Claims Against Hate Speech Researchers
FTC Milestone: Bans Anonymous Messaging App From Serving Minors
Google Researchers Warn AI Could Prompt 'Distrust' Of Information In Ads, Content
Publishers Daily - Tuesday, July 9, 2024
WaPo Editor Matt Murray Adds Krissah Thompson To The 'Third Newsroom'
Postal Service Roughs Up Publishers: They're Getting Higher Costs, Worsening Service
Gannett Paper Asks Court To Reinstate It As Publisher Of Legal Notices
'The Buffalo News' Skipped Print Issue On July 4
Mississippi Presses To Enforce Social Media Restrictions
Digital Ad Demand Still Healthy, But Slightly Behind Last Quarter
Content Creators Still Confused About Meta's Threads
Publishers Daily - Monday, July 8, 2024
AI Adversary: OpenAI Demands 'New York Times' Story Notes And Memos
Web Traffic Failure Hit 14% In Q1: Programmatic Report
'The Greer Citizen,' Weekly South Carolina Newspaper, Is Being Shuttered
Axel Springer's Mathias Doepfner Says AI Will Not Cause Job Losses: Report
Judge Refuses To Reverse Epic's Antitrust Win Against Google
Nearly Two-Thirds Of Clicks On Google Search Remain Within Its Ecosystem
Audience Creation, Targeting For A Privacy-Conscious Future
Publishers Daily - Friday, July 5, 2024
Journalists Unite: Staffers At Alden Global Capital Paper Vote To Form A Union
Gannett Tries Limited Print Subscription Offer: Report
Axis And Speroll Form A Programmatic Partnership
Times Media Group Purchases California Titles From Century Group Media
EU Regulators Crack Down On Meta's Pay-For-Privacy Model
Threads Reaches 175M Active Users, Outlines Future Goals
Mike Huckabee Sues Meta Over Phony CBD Endorsements
Publishers Daily - Wednesday, July 3, 2024
Forbes Global Properties Unveils Online Lifestyle Magazine
Mano Sundaresan To Head Content At Pitchfork
Dow Takes A Workspace In London: It Signs Content Deal With LSEG
Otis Chandler Starts A Content App
New Google Settings For Disclosing Digitally Altered Political Ads
EU Regulators Crack Down On Meta's Pay-For-Privacy Model
Gimlet-Eyed Boomers: They're Skeptical Of Influencers And Advertising
Publishers Daily - Tuesday, July 2, 2024
Ad Avoidance: Most Consumers Have Blocked Them On Sites
'USA Today' Editor Terence Samuel Is Leaving Post
Axel Springer Seeks AI Acquisitions: Report
Two Mississippi Newspapers Are Shuttered
Meta Tests Virtual AI Influencers On Instagram
Supreme Court Orders New Look At Texas And Florida 'Censorship' Laws
Not All Viewer Attention To Advertising Is Created Equal
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