Real-Time Daily Editions for May 2013
Real-Time Daily - Friday, May 31, 2013
An Answer To Brand Safety...Sort Of
Datonics to Provide Data on SourceKnowledge RTB Platform
Is It Groundhog Day? Why 2013 Should Not Resemble 2012 for Mobile RTB
Brands Bite Dogs: Omnicom Shop Taps CNN Exec To Run 'Newsroom' Ops
The Emergence Of Ad Tech 2.0
Taptica Applies Gambler's Math To Mobile Advertising
Video Publisher Forum On June 12
Real-Time Daily - Thursday, May 30, 2013
Global Expansion Of RTB Will Provide A Needed Spark
VivaKi Strikes Exclusive Deal With Adelphic, Will Enable Programmatic Mobile Trading To Grow 'Exponentially'
MoPub Reaches $100 Mil. Revenue Run Rate
The Case Against RTB
WorldNow To Share Social Analytics With Local TV, Radio, Newspapers: Cuts Exclusive Deal With Shareablee
Millennial Media Eyes Latin America
Hyperbabble Of The Day
Turn Taps Fernando Tassinari, Former Razorfish Brazil GM
Dish Debuts Social App, Pushes Viewers To Hopper DVR Unit
TubeMogul Opens Beijing Office
Real-Time Daily - Wednesday, May 29, 2013
Real-Time With Google's Scott Spencer On Open Bidder
Are Native and Programmatic Mutually Exclusive?
IgnitionOne Upgrades LiveMarketer
Don't Fight The Programmatic Urge
'NYTimes' More Open To Programmatic Ad Buying
Apple's Cook Is Not Wrist Averse
Real-Time Daily - Tuesday, May 28, 2013
Real-Time With Paul Silver, Media IQ Digital's New Global Strategy Director
Why Marketers Need To Think 'Audience First'
SumAll Adds Tumblr, SEOmoz, Foursquare
Don't Fight The Programmatic Urge
Q1Media Releases vMobile
Real-Time Web Turns Consumers Into Impulse Buyers
Disaster Ready: Google Maps Model Quickly Adjusts To Events
Real-Time Daily - Friday, May 24, 2013
Big Data Swagga
Real-Time Videos On Twitter
Foursquare, Gnip Partner
Five Companies Partner, Launch Open Source Video Viewability Tech
Real Media Group's Acceso Launches In Spain, Latin America
Follow the Data: Why RTB is Growing Faster Than You Think
Real-Time Daily - Thursday, May 23, 2013
Size Doesn't Matter: Sony Music Partners With 'Boutique' Trading Desk
Data: The Next Natural Resource?
Exchanges Continue To Outpace Overall Ad Marketplace, Expands 35% In April
Kuik Trades Omnicom's Accuen For VivaKi's AOD, Will Lead New Activation Center
Integrate Adds DSP To Beef Up AdHQ Platform
Madison Avenue Is Mad As Hell, March Mad: Takes More, Not Less Network TV
RTB Is Gaining Momentum, But What's The Downside?
Continued Growth of Programmatic Requires Changes on the Supply-Side
Real-Time Daily - Wednesday, May 22, 2013
Real-Time With Pandora's John Trimble
DataXu Opens Black Boxes, Launches Marketplace For Ad Algorithms
Viewability And RTB: Notes On The Larger Context
ChoiceStream's Audience Cost Calendar Reinforces Seasonality
3 Automation, Search Strategies
Google Releases Self-Serve Display Benchmark Tool
Xaxis Brings Programmatic Out-Of-Home
Real-Time Local Health Alerts Via Email
AcuityAds Now Offers Hyperlocal RTB Capabilities
IBM's Watson Supercomputer As Marketing Consultant
Real-Time Daily - Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Video RTB: Is An Impression An Impression An Impression?
Updated: Out-Of-Home Trading Platform Integrates With Mediaocean, Posterscope Backs Move
[x+1] Equals 'R' With Predictive Analytics From Revolution
Premium Brand Advertising Can -- And Will -- Be As Easy To Buy As Direct Response
Remnant, Premium, Or Gourmet Inventory? Gourmet Ads Strikes Deal With AppNexus
Real Media Group Cracks Down On Piracy
Effective Digital Ads: A Fragment Of Your Imagination?
Martini Media, Incisive Media Partner
Hyperbabble Of The Day
Programmatic Premium Event Coming Up On June 5
When News Twists In The Wind, TV Show Up Faster & With More Detail
Real-Time Daily - Monday, May 20, 2013
Real-Time Marketing Either Flies Or Fails Because It's Personal Develops Real-Time Data Ad Targeting
Yahoo To Ramp 'Native' Ads On Tumblr
Voltari Gears Up For Performance-Based Models, Releases SecondClick Tech
The Tweet Smell Of Success
New Acronym Of The Day: GRM (Stands For Guard Rail Marketing)
PulsePoint Taps Sherifova As CTO
Google Turns Open Into Real-Time Bids
Hyperbabble Of The Day
Real-Time Daily - Friday, May 17, 2013
Yahoo, Twitter Deal Marks Internet Amalgamation
The Telegraph's Izlan: RTB Offers More Control
The Bid Management Tools Arms Race
'Tricks Don't Work In Social'
Search Data Creates Dominance
SAP Commits Additional $250 Mil. To Real-Time Fund
Hyperbabble Of The Day
Sell-Side Solutions Provider Adomik Raises 1.3 Million Euroes
Cox-Backed, Skyword Raises $6.7 Million To Enhance Content Creation
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