Search Marketing Daily Editions for August 2018
Search Marketing Daily - Friday, Aug. 17, 2018
Google, Culture Changes And Leaked Information
Amazon Music Highlights Voice Search Through Alexa In Latest Campaign
Google Tries To Clarify How It Tracks Location When Setting Is Off
Smart Speaker Market Grows 187%; Google Tops Amazon
Gmail Brings Its Confidential Mode To Mobile
Did Ad Blocking Just Flip From Protection Racket To Mobile Marketing Saviour?
Google Readying Smart Speaker With Video Screen
Search Marketing Daily - Thursday, Aug. 16, 2018
Voice Search, Smart Speakers Raise The Bar
Top-Ranking Google Local Search Results Rely On Business Citations, Study Shows
Google Employees Demand Transparency Around China Search Engine
Revcontent, Poynter Partner To Demonetize Fake News
Yahoo Finance Partners With Crunchbase To Offer Info On Private Companies
TV Ad Spend Appears To Boost Digital KPIs For Auto Brands
Common Avoidable Search Engine Marketing Mistakes
Wine Whisperer: How Vivino Uses Email To Sell Fine Vino
Google Hits Back Over Claims It Tracks Users Against Their Will
Did Apple Push Yahoo Japan To Abandon Game Streaming Platform?
Search Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2018
Bing Mobile App Uses Phone's Camera To Calculate Math Problems
Google Makes Political Ad Spend Transparent In New Report
Viant Launches Purchase Cycle Ad Targeting, BevMo Programmatic Audience Segments
Google Can't Shake Privacy Suit By Mississippi Attorney General
360i Hires OMD's Rozen As Its First Chief Media Officer
Smart Speaker Sales Projected To Grow 50% By 2019
Speech Recognition Finally On The Map
B2B Reality: Content Is First In ROI, Email Second
Microsoft Retooling Cortana For Mobile Users
Google Works With Michael Kors To Introduce A Smart Runway Watch
Does Google Track Users, Even When They Turn Location Off?
Search Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2018
SEMrush's Integration With Yext Gives Businesses Online Listing Management Tools
Princeton Research Confirms Google Tracks Phones With Location History Turned Off
Hackers Use Chipotle Ad To Spread Malware
Amazon Smart Speaker Share Drops To 41%; Google Up To 28%
A Third Of Digital Marketers Say They Don't Invest In Online Advertising
Microsoft Retooling Cortana For Mobile Users
Google Works With Michael Kors To Introduce A Smart Runway Watch
Google Assistant Plays Songs On Pandora Premium
Alphabet Invests $375M In Oscar, Gains A 10% Stake
Search Marketing Daily - Monday, Aug. 13, 2018
As California Burns, Google Serves Up Answers In Search
Google Express Ads Gaining Impression Share On Shopping
Google Rumor Puts Data At Center Of Outdoor Ad Space In Germany
How Critical Are Meaningful Conversations?
Should Marketers Ad Target Households Or Individuals?
Email Drives Both Lead Generation And Nurturing: Study
Google Tracking Users Who Don't Want To Be Tracked
Search Marketing Daily - Friday, Aug. 10, 2018
Half Of Marketers Lack CX Connections With Millennials
Reddit Pushes TV Discovery, Search Across Platforms, Films
AgilOne, Criteo Partnership Links In-Store Purchase Data To Online Ads
Wayfair Intros Mixed Reality, Announces First Store
L'Oreal Teams With Facebook For AR Makeup Try-On Experiences
Apple To Brand iPhone As Digital Wallet
Facebook Nixing Friend List Feeds
Facebook Clarifies Content-Policing Policies
Apple Rehires Star Engineer Doug Field
Search Marketing Daily - Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018
Porch CEO Matt Erlichman Talks About Bing, Search, Machine Learning
Google's Next Steps For A Censored Search Engine In China
Google Extends Responsive Search Ads Availability, Text Ads Gain Characters
Revcontent New Program Guarantees Revenue Increase For Publishers
OpenX Rolls Out Video Header-Bidding Solution
Wayfair Intros Mixed Reality, Announces First Store
Digital and TV Advertising Overlap
Search Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2018
Search And Ecommerce Taking A Larger Piece Of Back-To-School
No, Siri Does Not Listen To Pre-Conversations
Digitas Finds Voice A Potential Threat To Brands, Adding Screens Is A Plus
Personalized Shopping Engine Dynamic Yield Raises $32M
New Rules, Tools For Managing Information In The Digital Age, Part III
Most Trusted For Digital Privacy: Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple
How Brands Can Avoid The Dreaded Voice Assistant 'Dismissal'
Sigstr Debuts Sales Engagement Monitoring Tool
Ex-Yahoo CFO Thinks Verizon Should Spin Off Oath
Search Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2018
TripAdvisor Business Listings Gain Years Of Review Data Through Uberall Partnership
Google Hit With Fraudulent Takedown Requests
Liquineq's Blockchain Bank Payment Protocol Coming To Advertising
Voice Assistants, VR Not Critical To Shoppers: Study
Learn To Tap Cultural Moments As Second Screen Evolves
Alexa Hardly Thriving As Commerce Channel
Alexa Testing 'Answer Update'
Google Implements Two-Step Verification For Google Ads
Search And The Underlying Truth About Behavior
Google Welcome Back In China If It Follows State Rules
Health Care Ads Produce Patients
Search Marketing Daily - Monday, Aug. 6, 2018
Bing Adds Intelligent Search Features On The Upside
Tech Companies Warm To Working With U.S. Privacy Policy Makers
Apple, Facebook, Spotify Cut Links, Remove Some Infowars Digital Content
Search Share: Trump Vs. Publishers
Location-Sharing On Google Maps Now Includes Battery Level
Why Google PlayStore Won't See Fortnite
IronSource Digs Into In-App Ad Preferences
Facebook-Owned Sites Drop Levels Of Digital Consumption Launches AI Matchmaking Experience
Warner Music Acquires Uproxx, Expands Editorial Offerings
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