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Tuesday, February 18, 2014
  • Ogilvy Signs On To Test Madison Avenue's New ':30,' Captures 5,500 Bits Of Data About You

    Describing it as a "game-changer," Ogilvy Labs today announced a deal to begin using a new mobile-based technology enabling brands to quickly and simply … Read the whole story

  • Google, Magna Global Strike Multimillion-Dollar Upfront Partnership

    Magna Global, part of IPG Mediabrands, committed $100 million of its managed client advertising dollars to the Mountain View, Calif. company in a one-year … Read the whole story

  • Cablers BET, ESPN Tops In Social Media Activity

    Looking at all TV network social media activity for January, one study says that among all TV networks, BET posted some of the strongest … Read the whole story

  • Fallon App Doesn't Promise Much 'Tonight Show' Edge

    Jimmy Fallon occupies the revered "Tonight" show chair this week, and a mobile app launches to accompany him. While it has some of the … Read the whole story