Results for December 2011

Pro-Motion Taps iDisplay For Digital Signage
While demand for in-store digital out-of-home video is booming, there are still barriers to adoption for small and mid-sized retailers who don't necessarily have the resources of national chains. Thus DOOH networks are looking to suppliers for displays and distribution technology that's cheaper, more compact, easier to deploy, more flexible, and with fewer maintenance requirements.» 0 Comments
China Leads In DOOH Spending
Rapid economic growth and the clear advantages of variable, interactive digital signage have combined to produce a digital out-of-home boom in China, according to a new global overview of the DOOH marketplace from Kinetic. The overview, titled "Global digital out of home handbook 2011," also contains forecasts for DOOH advertising in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.» 0 Comments
DOOH Networks Get New Programming
Digital out-of-home networks are muscling up their content with original programming and exclusive programming partnerships. This week Gas Station TV and Akoo TV both unveiled new programming lineups. Their announcement follows a deal between Creative Mobile Technologies and ABC, bringing the latter's content and advertising to CMT's network of digital displays in taxis nationwide.» 0 Comments
U.K.'s Captive Media Turns Urinals Into Games
Yes, you read that right: relieving oneself is now a game, thanks to a British company called Captive Media, which is turning public urinals into interactive, "hands free" (get it?) digital out-of-home video games.» 1 Comments