Results for February 2006

Reach, Frequency, Brevity
I'll keep this appropriately short. Anyone contemplating in-stream mobile TV or radio advertising should go directly to iTunes' podcast library for his or her first lessons.» 0 Comments
Stephen King Phones It In
Stephen King gave me a call the other day. Well, we're not really on speaking terms, but his voice message was part of a novel and ambitious mobile marketing package put together for his new horror thriller Cell.» 0 Comments
Rule No. 1: Be Of Use
My real estate agent just sent me one of those cheesy grocery list pads for my refrigerator. It hangs from a magnetic business card with a picture of her and her big-haired-I-drive-a-bigger-Beemer-than-thou grin on her face, and by God I use it, because it really is just the right size for my Shop-Rite lists.» 0 Comments
The Return Of The CTR: Clicking On Mobile
Word is abroad that the relatively few mobile ad campaigns now running on WAP pages enjoy click-through rates that Web banner ads haven't experienced since the days of insufferable IPO hype--and, well, equally insufferable sock puppet Super Bowl ads.» 0 Comments