Results for January 2013

Talking The Customer's Mobile Language
In a small but remarkable encounter with a brand's mobile sophistication, I got a glimpse of just how important it is for marketers to understand (no, really understand) the complex relationship we have with our phones.» 2 Comments
Tablets Evolving Into Our 'Transaction Screen'
There may be a billion tablets on the planet in five years. For many of their users, the larger touchscreen is becoming the digital cash register of choice.» 0 Comments
Carriers Struggle With Smartphone 'Success'
The mobile carriers have an odd relationship to the smartphone revolution. They are funding much of the transition to a device-based digital data world, but their willingness to be media companies remains halfhearted.» 2 Comments
You Need Your Own Fire Hose In This FOMO Era
Maybe 'fear of missing out' is not a trivial tic of the connected age and is more of a survival response to an age of big data that apps like BuzzFeed, ESPN's SC Feed and People's CelebWatch are best positioned to address.» 0 Comments
Mobile RTB eCPMs Spike 50% For Holiday As iPad Delivers Biggest Gift
Ad prices rose substantially in MoPub's RTB marketplace this holiday, the company reports. Money and demand continue to migrate to the tablet.» 0 Comments
Tweeting The Tube: Low-Res Joy In An HD Era
How curious that one of the most powerful accompaniments to our massive HD hyper-connected TVs is a clunky, truncated, text-based platform that feels like the telegraph by comparison. A lesson here about mobile's role?» 0 Comments
Tablets Could - And Should - Be Driving Even More Of The 'M-Commerce' Charge
Given the obvious power of the tablet device and use case in e-commerce, it is amazing that both retailers and the Tablet OSes have not done more to optimize t-shopping.» 2 Comments
Context On-Demand: Or, Second Screening Downton Abbey With the Wiseasses In The Back Row
Social TV, while not entirely new, does open up the possibility of putting different viewing experiences on-demand by letting us choose the audience with which we want to view the program.» 1 Comments
Noses To The Glass: Will Wearable Devices Replace Smartphones?
Talk and data converged on the handset years ago, but wearable devices and the tablet may prompt those two channels to subdivide into a new tag team of mobile connectivity.» 2 Comments