Results for August 2006

Let's Go Shopping
Mobile phones almost certainly will serve as the bridge between Internet marketing and in-store experiences. Getting a brand's message into the store aisles is, of course, the dream of marketers everywhere, and retailers know how to charge a pretty penny for it. Imagine if the consumer could elect to bring her own choice messages, specials, and product information into the store? Screw those end-cap fees!» 0 Comments
Time To Get In The Game?
In-game advertising has been one of the most obvious entry points for the ad-supported game model, but until now I have seen more trials and promises than actual deployments. All according to who you ask, mobile gaming seems ripe for sponsor underwriting.» 0 Comments
Just Browsing...
After a long stretch of deserved ignominy, the mobile Web re-loaded this year in a genuinely viable form. I have been doing some handset browsing of my own in recent months to see if I can finally cozy up to the WAP experience.» 0 Comments
Banners, You Bore Me
A few weeks ago I praised the creativity of some of the early mobile marketing campaigns I was seeing, especially in the SMS realm. I spoke too soon, and I think I have to take it all back. I started browsing the new, sponsored world of WAP more intently last week, specifically seeking out mobile display ads to see what the state of the state is. Welcome back to 1997.» 0 Comments
In Search Of Must-See Mobile TV
Can an ad-sponsored mobisodic series accelerate adoption of mobile video, and maybe even sell a few cars in the process?» 0 Comments