Results for June 2012

Apple Rediscovers Its Own Post-PC Vision: Yes, The Podcast
With its new Podcasts app, Apple reminds us of the grand idea for personalized, portable, media on-demand it started with years ago.» 2 Comments
Just What We Need, Phun Phacebook Phones
The poorly sourced rumors of a RIM break-up notwithstanding, we continue to hear that supposed suitors Amazon and Facebook want to build phones. Anyone remember the G1 or ESPN phone?» 0 Comments
The Age of the Branded Action
Some of the most imaginative uses of device-based brand engagements awarded at Cannes show us brands sponsoring humans acting on the world. Maybe 'action is the new media.'» 3 Comments
Socialcam Envisions Branded Video Triggered By The Geo-Fence
Mobile sharing platforms may be the most effective way to untether video from the living room and desktop. Why shouldn't your favorite store ping your phone with a welcome video as you enter its front door?» 0 Comments
Apps Are People, Too: Why The Geeks At The Comic Shop Offer The Best Publishing Experience on the iPad
The best content merchandising on the iPad is happening in an overlooked part of the mall -- the comics shop. The human-driven Comixology apps pay off by making real connections and relationships with customers.» 1 Comments
No Playing Around: Tablets Get Down To Business
As touchscreen become a part of everyday work life, the next generation of enterprise apps may look a lot like IHS Connect for iPad. Here some of the world's high-powered commodities traders can keep an eye on oil wells in Syria.» 0 Comments
Aisle Wars: Lowe's Aims To Win The In-Store App Battle With An Experience Assault
With 42,000 iPhones in-store to help customers with their own app-driven shopping, Lowe's is fully embracing the mobilized consumer. It requires an infrastructure that makes the experience seamless.» 0 Comments
Good Thing My Irritating New iPad Doesn't 'Matter' Anyway
According to a Forrester analyst, the current iPad fetish will evolve into a greater focus on the platforms that knit together devices. None too soon -- because my 'new and improved' Retina Display is starting to bug my retina.» 1 Comments