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Re-Tweeting The Show: OMG, We Killed WAP!
Post-OMMA Mobile, some housekeeping. First, we are trying to corral as many of the presentations as we can from yesterday's show to put online in the next few days. The metrics pieces were especially strong, I thought, led off by a great presentation of multi-campaign, cross-platform mobile ad effectiveness from Joy Liuzzo of InsightExpress. Both Joy and our keynoter Maria Mandel of Ogilvy broke down mobile ad strategies by marketing goals very well. Later in the day, we had rapid-fire numbers and campaign examples from our metrics panel as well. I think we presented more raw data and campaign reports ...» 0 Comments
Change Is In The Air: Welcome To OMMA Mobile
For those of you not in attendance at tomorrow's OMMA Mobile show in New York, there is ample opportunity to get glimpses of the activity on and off stage. MediaPost staff will be blogging throughout the day, while we also have MediaPost's ongoing events Twitter feed @mediapostlive. And finally, you can post and search against the Twitter hashtag #ommamobile. I would urge attendees and those just monitoring the event remotely to consult that feed and suggest questions. Often someone in the audience will pick up a query in the Twitter feed and pose it for the panel. I think Twitter ...» 0 Comments
OMMA Mobile: Ask Them This for Me
My Italian grandmother was forever toiling in the kitchen while we had the traditional Sunday midday feast in the dining room. She was a stout and matronly woman, but Lord knows when exactly she managed to eat to get that way. "Evelyn, get out here," my grandfather always shouted. But of course someone had to keep that relentless line of courses coming, and there was no one in the family who dared usurp Grandma's sacred place beside the stove. The Mediapost OMMA shows that we cook up work much the same way. With input from all of you (we try ...» 0 Comments
Mom Guilt, Mobilized
"What are you getting Mom for Mother's Day?" "You guys are divorced. Why do you care? You're not reading those co-parenting books again, are you?" My daughter turned 17 last week and seems to believe that she is now too old for divorced parenting tactics. She's never too old to be a wiseass, however. Once we get past the snideness (yeah, I was trying to be a good co-parent, so sue me), I toss her my iPhone and tell her to check out the 1800Flowers app. "Try flowers," I say. Which may or may not be a gift for Kevin ...» 0 Comments
Almost Mobile: WSJ's iPhone App
"Oh no, you didn't! Oh no, you didn't!" I shout at my iPhone. I am desperately trying to do some quick finger snaps of hip rage. When a 50-year-old, suburban geek tries to act street, apparently it looks to others like a stroke.

"What's wrong? Are you OK?" My daughter and partner freak and come to the chair. I may be losing motor functions, they think. Actually, I was just astonished and a bit pissed that a blazing red Oracle ad in the new Wall Street Journal iPhone app kicked me out of that content experience into the Web ...» 0 Comments

Crowd-Sourcing Ourselves
With literally billions of pages in mobile social networking inventory and activity occurring monthly, the mobile platform seems to be faced with the same conundrum as its online counterpart. How do brands find their way into massive hives of activity without being dissed or simply ignored while users go about the more critical process of connecting with one another? The challenge, of course, is twofold (at least). How do you focus a social networking user's attention on the brand's value proposition in a place where users generally eschew brands? And then, how do you come up with something of real ...» 0 Comments
DSi: Now You're Toying With Power
One of the true ironies of mobile media is that one of the most successful hardware manufacturers and software publishers in the space doesn't make a single phone and doesn't even publish a single title for mobile phones. Nintendo's handheld game consoles (GameBoy, GameBoy Advance, DS) have been staggeringly innovative mobile media platforms, but they operate on a parallel and wholly separate track to cellular mobile. Despite truly brilliant uses of the diverse input modes in games like Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, this legendary game company pretty much ignores the mobile phone. It sticks to its own mobile world, ...» 0 Comments
Back To Kindle-Garten
The Kindle 2 is a valuable glimpse into the future of mobility, a phrase we will hear more about this year. We are lurching towards that day when a range of devices will pull data from the cloud into the formats we prefer. My guess is that 3G and 4G networks will power much of this wirelessness, but increasingly it seems to me a mistake to think that mobile phone devices will be the only receivers involved. The Kindle speaks to one of many viable niches of wireless media receptors that will run parallel with the phone. There will be ...» 0 Comments
Still Paying, Still Playing
With the launch of BlackBerry's new "App World" and more robust and pricey downloads coming to the iPhone App Store, I wonder if we are seeing the pay model finally proving out on mobile as a parallel track to the ad-supported model that has gotten so much attention lately.» 0 Comments