• Mobile Gives Mean Girls Wings
    By most measures, female-focused negativity (or cattiness, or whatever you want to call it), reigned supreme at MTV's Video Music Awards last night. Yep, in case you missed it, Nicki Minaj calling out Miley Cyrus as a back-stabbing "bitch" easily overshadowed every display of love, support, and admiration during a night that was supposed to celebrate creative genius and achievement. Was it a choreographed stunt by some brilliant businesswomen who know how to play the media and their fans like a fiddle? Maybe -- but that doesn't change the fact that it resonated so well with audiences across various mobile ...
  • Study Shows How Cell Phone Use Upsets Social Bonds
    Suddenly awash in connected gadgets, our culture is struggling mightily to establish acceptable mobile computing customs. Distracted driving is thriving, and costing thousands of lives a year. And gadgets are mentally (and emotionally) distancing people who are actually within close physical confines. While the latter issue rarely has fatal consequences, it is seriously threatening relationships and social bonds, says Lee Rainie, Pew Research Center Director of Internet, Science and Technology Research.
  • Mobile Messaging: Marketers' Secret Weapon This Holiday Season
    When holiday sales are lagging behind forecast, you will want a quick and easy way to pump them up. Take these additional steps now to get your secret weapon -- mobile messaging -- ready for action.
  • Holiday 2015 Mobile Messaging Checklist - Part I
    When holiday sales are lagging behind forecast, you'll want a super quick and easy way to pump them up. Take these steps now to get your secret weapon -- mobile messaging -- ready for action.
  • Tinder Has A Tantrum: Or, How Not To Handle Bad Press
    Overreacting to a 'Vanity Fair' article this week, dating app Tinder had a massive public meltdown that was a joy to watch. We are now in the age of the thin-skinned corporation with the voice of a scorned teenager.
  • Apple Pay Is Not Selling Itself
    Interest in Apple Pay is even declining among those who have used the payments platform -- more evidence that consumers remain smarter than marketers seem to think they are.
  • Grow Your Audience Of SMS Opt-Ins
    Brands don't have a large SMS audience, so they don't put much effort into their programs. And because they put little effort into their programs, they don't have a very large audience. Build a high-value program first, then use these tips and tricks to grow your audience.
  • Get This Crap Off My Phone: We Are Screwing Up The Mobile Experience
    As I feared, many of the bad practices of desktop media are migrating to mobile. Will publishers please take greater responsibility for the quality of the user experience before we turn apps and sites into NASCAR racers?
  • Apple Music May Have 10 Million Subscribers - For Now
    According to a music trade report, Apple has shared early subscriber numbers with music executives, and the service may be off to a fast start -- under its free trial model at least. Nevertheless, Apple Music remains a mixed bag of value.
  • A Brave New World... Of 360-Degree Immersive Porn On Smartphones!
    I can almost hear the collective sigh of relief. Our long national nightmare is over: We finally have fully immersive, 360-degree interactive pornography on our smartphones.
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