• Apple's So-So Salesmanship: Notes From An Armchair Curmudgeon
    I can't say that the Cook and co. really sold me on the credit card obsolescence, for a phone the size of my thigh or a less ugly smartwatch. But they did convince me the company is thinking harder about how distant this new world will be from the mass-mediated century that preceded it.
  • Beaconed Or Uberized? Let The Battle For Our Brains Begin...
    There seem to be two distinct types of user technologies in the marketplace right now. Uber only knows stuff about me when I need it. Beaconized platforms have far greater potential, but are harder to build. Beacons know more about me than I do, within the context of my location and circumstance. The barriers with Beaconization are higher -- and in the end, people can simply choose to shut out the noise if it gets too loud.
  • Location Fraud: Highly Accurate, But Non-Human
    While it's easy to write off fraud as a rare occurrence and simply focus on accuracy when selling to media buyers, mobile ad providers that do so are at a disadvantage. When examining mobile ad inventory, two questions need to be answered: Are the requests authentic? If so, is the location of the request accurate? Although the question of accuracy relies on the existence or absence of fraud, accuracy of location data is often determined apart from the filtration of fraud. This is problematic when you consider that roughly 16% of requests are fraudulent. And that's just the beginning.
  • Show Me The Problem: Now It's Apple's Turn To Make Us Care About Mobile Wallets
    The pre-launch Apple rumor mill worked overtime this Labor Day weekend pumping out stories about the iPhone maker's impending entry into mobile wallets and m-payments. Let's hope they make a more persuasive case than years of m-payment slapstick that have preceded them.
  • Simple To Learn, Hard To Master
    The console gaming industry had its ass handed to it by mobile. One EA exec recently admitted that game companies asked for too much money and attention from their customers. This may be true of media aside from gaming.
  • Location-Based Marketing Needs Smarter App Development
    The world of location-based data demands application performance and speed at scale, especially if such marketing initiatives want to ensure the right data is delivered to the right place at the right time, even over unreliable network connections. By incorporating intelligent data distribution technology, location-based marketing apps can perform at scale, offering only relevant information to an end-user's actual location.
  • A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words... Even In Mobile Messaging
    It's no surprise that most marketing and advertising utilizes visuals to leverage emotion and create a brand experience. Messaging should aim to do the same. Most consumers would prefer to receive some sort of visualization rather than to read a text message from a company. The better experience a potential consumer has, the more likely he or she is to complete the purchase journey.
  • The Quick And The Dead: Challenges To Achieving Real-Time Mobile Marketing Agility
    The digital customer experience now encompasses interaction across devices at various points along the path to purchase, and the journey often begins on one channel and is completed on another. To effectively reach today's mobile-focused customer, marketers must adapt to these changing preferences, or face missed opportunities and even diminished brand loyalty from customers who feel under-served.
  • 'Gamify' This: Games Remain The Frontier Of Mobile Creativity
    Marketers "gamify" their apps using some of the simplest elements: reward, achievement, challenge. They miss where gaming is really innovating: controlling mood, tone, pace, sound stage and re-imagining the 2D plane.
  • Coupons Rule, But The Mobile Experience Remains A Mess
    Adoption of mobile coupons seems to have doubled in the last few years, and it is clear that brands and consumers benefit from the transition from print to mobile. I am not so sure it has been as easy on the cashiers.
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