• Google Says: Good Luck Getting Consumers' Attention
    Hoping to get consumers' attention? Good luck. More or less, that's the conclusion of some fresh findings from Google. Among other challenges, consumers are increasingly splitting their focus between multiple screens.
  • Facebook Is SO Pumped For The VR Revolution
    With money to burn, Facebook is betting its future on virtual reality, and made this pretty clear when it dropped $2 billion on Oculus VR in 2014. As we just learned, however, that was only the beginning.
  • Shopping Satisfaction: Mobile 47%, Desktop 56%, Store 60%
    Smartphone owners are doing more researching, shopping and purchasing with their phones -- but not all are totally satisfied with the experience.
  • Mobile's Dominance Means There Are No Channels, Just Screens
    More was spent on mobile in the first half of 2016 than desktop and tablets, so isn't it time to talk just in terms of screen size rather than distinct channels?
  • Facebook Messenger Makes 'Secret Conversations' Standard
    Top platforms are rushing to meet demand for more secure lines of communication. To that end, Facebook has reportedly finished rolling out one-to-one "secret conversations" to all of its 900 million or so Messenger users.
  • What's Google's Plan With New 'Pixel' Phones?
    When is a pixel more than just a pixel? When it's Google's latest entrant into the smartphone space. Unveiled at a special event on September 4, the Pixel and Pixel XL are impressive gadgets.
  • Does Mobile Social Mean Print Will Swap Dollars For Nickels?
    Print publishers have already swapped dollars for dimes in the move to desktop. It's hard to see the switch to mobile bringing in anything other than a further swap of dimes for nickels.
  • How Google, eBay, Reddit Gain Speedier Mobile Page Load Times From AMP
    Google began including general Web search results in its Accelerated Mobile Pages project to improve the mobile experience for Shopify merchants with plans in the next few weeks to roll it out to select merchants participating in the test pilot.
  • Digital Marketers Are SO Immature!
    A clear majority of digital brands consider themselves to be pretty immature, according to fresh findings from Adobe, which surveyed 735 digital pros in the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany.
  • Mobile To Slow Growth For Ecommerce Holiday Spending
    Consumers tend to spend less on mobile devices than on desktop, which will lead to slower ecommerce growth this holiday season. On average, consumers spend roughly 22% less on mobile than on desktop, according to a recent report.
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