• Loyalty Customers Gravitate To Brands' Mobile Apps
    Loyal customers tend to like mobile apps. However, loyalty marketers seem to be a bit behind when it comes to using mobile for reward delivery. After all these years of mobile marketing, it would be expected that retailers had developed solid mobile relationships with their best customers.
  • Inviting Developers To Reshape Siri: Is Apple Desperate?
    A product of Steve Jobs and his view that elegant design requires single-minded control, Apple has always seen impenetrability as a virtue. That's why a report that Apple will open Siri to developers is such huge news.
  • Mobile Makes Sense For Younger Shoppers
    Hard as it may be for aging consumers to understand, mobile tech has some extremely practical applications. Take couponing among Millennials: A full 43% said they "clip mobile coupons" and "browse weekly ads" on their smartphones before grocery shopping, according to new research from Retale.
  • Nobody Will Miss Mobile Display -- Brands, Are You Prepared?
    If what is happening in ad blocking -- and particularly mobile ad blocking -- is not prompting your brand to consider how it makes its name known to potential customers, then it really should.
  • Retail Leads Customer Journey With Mobile, Web, Email, Social
    While consumers continue to make the most of their retail purchases in physical stores, the influence of mobile along the way has been well documented. And for customer journeys across a range of industries, retail dominates in terms of engagements in a range of channels, based on a new study.
  • Mega-Mobile Payments Venture Of Retailers Hangs It Up; Walmart Goes Solo
    Major ventures by monstrous business entities just haven't been able to crack the mobile payment code. First it was Softcard, the failed mobile payments venture of Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile, which called it quits early last year.
  • The Best Use Of Google Cardboard Is The Recycling Bin
    Although it's a cheap, fun product, Google Cardboard is just too annoying and unresponsive to kick-start any kind of a VR revolution.
  • Beacons Double This Year, On Way To 400 Million In Market
    Beacons will be one of the most visible objects for marketers, at least into the foreseeable future. Beacons are quite nicely maturing from simply on-the-spot-ad-triggering systems to devices that facilitate the collection of consumer location data combined with analysis that translates that into new behavioral insights.
  • Data Tells Why Brands Lag And Drag On Mobile
    Most mobile users look at their email on the phone or glance at Facebook posts within 29 minutes of rolling and reaching to turn off the alarm, according to data released Tuesday.
  • Smartphone Market Waits For Time To Catch Up
    More smartwatches are coming, whether masses of consumers want them or not. The reality is that other wearable smart things are a bigger deal than smartwatches -- at least at the moment.
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