• I'm Not Even A 'Star Wars' Geek, And I Love Its App
    A pair of new branded apps from Disney remind us that even in an age of user-generated media, we still can use a little help from the professionals.
  • Will 'Direct Response' Ads Undermine 'My Response' To Instagram?
    Instagram is about to open its platform to all advertisers, using self-serve technology and direct-response functionality. But is Instagram really a "call to action" environment?
  • Apple S-News-zzz?: Aggregated Media Is The New Bland
    In its beta version, Apple's News aggregation app does what Apple tends to do lately: improving on an established genre without rethinking it. The result reminds us just how bland the news aggregation experience is.
  • My iPhone Needs A Gun
    This is the eighth summer of the iPhone era, and the eighth year of these columns. What better time to put on a true golden oldie "Mobile Insider" from the summer of 2007? Longtime readers will recall my then-teen (now college coed) daughter and then-girlfriend (now wife) were prominent players in our mutual discovery of the new smartphone era. Eight years later and I still need my daughter to give me lessons on the proper use of trending apps like Snapchat, and my wife still commands me to "write a column" about "what they really ought to do in these ...
  • Emotion-Based Interfaces: Or, My Quantified Self Is Really Starting To Bug Me
    T-3's ingenious "hands-free Tinder" app will use Apple Watch's heart-rate monitor to find matches triggered by a quickened heartbeat. Get ready for the emotion-based interface.
  • Branded Adventure: Bolthouse Show Live Streams A Borscht Cocktail
    An early example of branded live streaming from Bolthouse Farms tells us a bit about the potential of the form. Brands can craft little adventures worth taking with the unique dynamic live-streaming invites.
  • Oh, Please, King Data, Tell Me A Fragmented 'Story'
    Forget Cannes. You will think harder about digital "storytelling" in three hours with the new and brilliant "Her Story" app than you did in a week celebrating your industry's supposed cleverness.
  • Apple Watch Could Be Most Expensive Remote-Control Device Money Can Buy
    As a news alert and interactive device, the Apple Watch remains unconvincing. But it is proving most valuable to me in its ability to interact with other devices.
  • Mobile: The Biggest Problem In Advertising
    I believe advertising has missed the greatest gift we've ever been given: the smartphone. For years it's been my belief that as the time we spend on-screen increases every day, the ads we see on mobiles do not perform as well as expected. Consequently, ads become larger, more interruptive, harder to close -- and more likely to kill my data with video.
  • Buying Entire Purchase Journeys On Mobile Devices
    Because of mobile, we can start to aggregate entire purchase journeys instead of just audiences. Instead of aggregating audiences and predict where they are in the purchase journey using content as proxies, we can use one channel and data to more precisely identify their intent to buy.
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