• The Agency POV On Mobile Marketing in 2015: Creativity, Attribution And Integration
    According to advertising agency thought leaders who participated in a panel at the December 4 members-only Digital Content Next Mobile Day, 2015 is the year that marketers expect to maximize mobile as it continues to gain ground with consumers as their main consumption point for digital content of all types.
  • Mobilizing Email: Are You Responsive Enough?
    Having responsive or at least adaptive designs for your email messaging should be de rigueur by now. But what is "responsive" responding to? Screen size or context?
  • 6 Elements Of Successful App Promotion Campaigns
    Mobile marketers are seeking the best ways to generate app downloads, drive engagement within their apps, and increase their app store rankings.There is no silver bullet to app marketing success; rather, the approach that works is a well-laid plan with clear objectives and goals.
  • Searching For Whimsy...And Inspiration
    Gamification that uses simple rewards and challenges to compel engagement may be missing some of the real appeal of mobile gaming. Design, characterization. and space are at the heart of many of the best games.
  • Tapping Into The Fun Side Of NFC
    Mobile payment is not the only -- or even the most interesting -- use of NFC. The technology virtually eliminates the friction inherent in other forms of mobile activation, including beacons. Australian firm Tapit has been flying early campaigns using the tech, and is extending its presence to the U.S.
  • How Do We Define And Measure Mobile Engagement Effectively?
    Mobile advertising has a content problem on its hands -- how can engagement, data, and creative all correlate with one another? A consumer's ability and willingness to engage with content is the biggest factor in determining its consumability. But the industry still lacks a standard set of best practices for gathering and utilizing consumer data. The result is a data collection free-for-all, where brands and advertisers try to collect as much data as possible.
  • Jacking Into Moments: Conquesting, User Modding And The Ongoing Disconnect About Mobility
    Mobile marketers are looking for countless ways to interrupt and modify user behavior, in much the way they have in other media for a century. They still only half-grasp how much mobility is tied up with people's sense of empowerment and self.
  • Better Understand Customers Through Smart Technologies, Predictive Analysis
    Marketing, in its purest form, tells a story -- ideally, a good story. However, the reception of the story, similar to the reception of a marketing campaign, can be highly subjective. A nail-biting account of the sudden death, come-from-behind win of the Super Bowl underdog will likely command a better reaction, and have a higher degree of engagement, when delivered at a sports bar than shared at a bridge club meeting. The customer response to marketing efforts, similar to the response to fairy tales and sports stories, can fluctuate greatly depending on the audience.
  • Why User-Generated Content Is The New Marketing Currency
    With user-generated content so rich and freely available online, straight marketing messages just aren't cutting it like they used to. Marketing must move into a participatory age where user-generated content sits at the center of the customer journey and brand Web sites emerge as social hubs in their own right. Marketers that recognize the true potential of social content will reap the benefits.
  • Amex Hands Over Instagram POV To Cardmembers
    In its new Instagram campaign, Amex allows members to take over the feed for a day. The model recognizes that the real energy of mobile media is personal perspective and appreciation of moments.
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