• Connecting The Dots For A Mobile-First World
    When Tim Berners-Lee first conceived of a "hypertext project," the foundation that would become the World Wide Web, he chose to keep it open and free. Twenty-five years later, the Web has seen great change.
  • Google Explores Its Own Beacons, But How Much Here-Ness Do We Want?
    Google appears ready to enter the proximity-awareness game with its own techniques for detecting place and other devices. But how much location activation is too much? How will we manage a world of talking things?
  • Constellation Pours Geo-Push And App Partnerships To Serve Clearer Wine Choices
    Constellation Brands is seeing measurable ROI from partnering with party shopping apps that are both specialized around wine shopping and as general as shopkick. The company CMO tells "Mobile Marketing Daily" that in his wine category, the moment of in- and near-store decision is where he needs to be.
  • Attention Holiday Shoppers: Five Mobile@Retail Tactics You'll See This Season
    Consumer shopping behavior can no longer be viewed as either in-store or online. The smartest brands and retailers are looking at how mobile and retail can work together, seamlessly, to create a better customer experience to get shoppers back into stores with services they can't get online. Here are five descriptions of the top mobile@retail tactics you'll encounter this year.
  • Stop Playing With That Remote! Mobile Ads That Change Your Channel
    Smart remote app Peel is launching a tune-in ad unit for The History Channel that can change your TV channel from the ad itself. Extend the logic of this mobile-to-TV functionality out and you have tune-in ads becoming the media economy's equivalent of performance-driven (and priced) app install programs,
  • Tactics To Drive Mobile Native Ad Optimization
    Testing and optimization are key components of performance, but are often a missed step in the mobile native ad strategy. While native is fully customizable to match the look and feel of the mobile environment, testing to see what experience drives conversion is still critical. Layering it with an optimization strategy allows you to understand user engagement. Here are several concepts to consider when exploring mobile native advertising.
  • Hieroglyphic Nation: Time To Show Us A Story
    Visual storytelling is the aesthetic challenge mobile technology puts down for mobile media. How do you offer a hook with a glance? Scrolling on a four- or five-inch screen may be new, but the artistry needed here probably recalls older forms.
  • Make The Little Things Easy: Brands As Concierge
    Duane Reade is following a modest but smart goal in its 2.0 app revision. Just make lives a little bit easier. We don't want or need to love our brands. Better to aim for being appreciated.
  • Deconstructing TV Linearity: CNN Super-Duper Serves The News Addict
    CNNx is a reimagining of how we might consume news in a highly personal, on-demand world. It begs the question of how marketers can become more native not only to the content, but to a much richer kind of interactive media experience.
  • HBO Go And The Case Against Family Viewing
    A new set of social codes and even marketing points are arising from a post-mass media age of radically personal, on-demand media consumption.
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