• Extra, Extra, App All About It!
    Mobility seems to be offering the beleaguered news business a chance for a real reboot -- not just of its business models but of its creative energy.
  • This Season In The NFL: Mobile Is The Marketing MVP
    There has never been a better time to be a fan of the NFL if you seek interaction with the players and your peers, and immersion into the game. What's the driving force behind this fan experience transformation? Mobile. With 59% of ESPN's unique users exclusively accessing content on smartphones and tablets, it's no surprise that mobile took a leading position in the marketing and fan engagement strategy for the league, teams and publishers. Here are a few of the best plays of this season.
  • Does Facebook Know You Better Than Your Friends?
    Psychologists say they demonstrated how Facebook Likes can help a third party assess critical aspects of a subject's personality even more accurately than a person's friends.
  • Swipe Right: What Can Tinder Teach Brands About Mobile Creative?
    What happens in the dating game is true for mobile advertising -- show someone a visually appealing ad creative and they can become immediately attracted to that brand. We have already learned that slim mobile banners might work for app install efforts, but these small ads rarely work well for brands. Brands need to take a cue from Tinder's model. Think visually, emphasize creative, and lead with beautiful images to develop memorable experiences on mobile devices -- ones that will make consumers do a double-take and maybe even buy that brand a drink.
  • Ad Assassin: The Mobile Game
    Ad Hunter claims to turn ad blocking in apps into a game that ultimately benefits consumers and publishers...maybe even advertisers. Yeah, I had a lot of questions about this one.
  • Merry App-Mas: Apple Owned Holiday Smartphone Market
    Early returns show that Apple owned Christmas this year, as iOS activations left all competitors in the dust. iPhone owners were downloading like mad last week. Well, except for my mother.
  • A Monochannel Christmas Tale
    In which we find respite from the omnichannel fervor in a humble hardware shop that understands the basics of getting that one true channel -- the one involving people -- right.
  • Mining Location Data For Consumer Insight
    Mobile search is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to geotemporal data sets that can help advertisers better understand consumer behavior. Geotemporal data can provide marketers with more granular insight into how consumers' location behavior changes, helping them to gain a more complete view of consumers' real-world behavior.
  • The Sony Watchman Finally Proves Itself
    Video content can't get off the desktop fast enough, it seems. In the process one has to wonder how the greater personalization of the viewing experience will ultimately change TV as we have known it.
  • The Agency POV On Mobile Marketing in 2015: Creativity, Attribution And Integration
    According to advertising agency thought leaders who participated in a panel at the December 4 members-only Digital Content Next Mobile Day, 2015 is the year that marketers expect to maximize mobile as it continues to gain ground with consumers as their main consumption point for digital content of all types.
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