• Put Your AirHands Together For The iPhone7
    There are hundreds of millions of smartphones out there -- and tens of millions of people who have no big urge to upgrade right now.
  • Amazon Dash? Wouldn't Smarter Mobile Shopping Lists Be Better?
    The fact that the Amazon Dash button exists shows that the Internet of Things is limited. Wouldn't smart supermarket shopping lists be better?
  • Snapchat Still Can't Stop Growing
    Think Snapchat's popularity is peaking? Think again. The creative messaging app is poised for at least two more years of double-digit growth, according to a forecast from eMarketer.
  • How To Duplicate The Success Of Nissan's 'Diehard Fan' App
    If you want a successful app, be prepared to "commit to flawless execution," Robert Brown, senior manager of interactive marketing at Nissan North America, told his envious audience at MediaPost's Brand Insider Summit.
  • 78% Satisfied With Mobile Banking, While Mobile Wallet Purchases Drop
    The good news for mobile adoption around money is that consumers seem to be getting quite comfortable with it.
  • Google Removes 'Mobile-Friendly' Tag in Search Rankings
    Google has announced a couple of updates to its mobile search results, including downgrading sites that show mobile interstitial ads.
  • Facebook Begins Cracking WhatsApp's Privacy Walls
    When Facebook gobbled up WhatsApp in 2014, everyone assumed that the social giant would wreck the app by betraying its strict privacy standards. It was believed to be only a matter of time before Facebook began mining WhatsApp user data for all it's worth -- and flooding the app with ads.
  • Technology, Gadget Brands Top Mobile Direct Response
    This forward-leaning segment captured 24.3% of all ad dollars spent on performance campaigns during the second quarter. Among those campaigns, the most successful have been for apps that offer daily utility to users, such as those that increase photo storage or track stocks.
  • Why Marketers Can't Envision Their Mobile Future
    For reasons that escape me, just one in five companies around the globe have a defined mobile strategy that goes back at least 12 months. That's according to new research from Adobe, which included feedback from 4,000 marketers and digital professionals.
  • Pokemon Go Smeared By Specter Of Predators
    From privacy issues to the zombification of large populations of people, the Pokemon Go phenomenon has had some disturbing side effects. Taking the cake, however, a recent report showed how the game could lead to unwelcome encounters with registered sex offenders.
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