• Why Marketers Should Pay Attention To The Apple Watch
    Given the Apple Watch's breadth of offerings, many companies now have a great opportunity to provide timely and relevant messages to captive audiences. With new technology comes a new approach to connecting with integrated mobile devices. Here are three marketing strategies that cater directly to Apple Watch users.
  • Data Isn't Enough
    Today we suffer from too much data, and it's hard to separate the signal from the noise. That's why just having data is not enough. Here's what marketers need in order to derive the fullest marketing value from their data.
  • Hyperlocal Essentials For The Programmatic Mobile Advertiser
    In the cookie-less world of mobile, hyperlocal data is an effective way to overcome the challenge of relying on IP addresses for location information and context. The industry is now using GPS data to paint a better picture of consumer behavior within a geographical context. Here are a few ways that mobile marketers are applying hyperlocal data to target audiences in programmatic environments.
  • Connecting The (Data) Dots
    We have mountains of data -- but more often than not, it's in disparate systems managed by disparate owners and vendors. Ironically, customers believe we know everything about them and are annoyed when our marketing efforts are irrelevant. Ultimately, we want to connect purchase history, location and behavior to customer contact information. How much better would your program be if you could personalize the content to some portion of your audience?
  • Marketers: Are You Focused On Attracting App Users?
    Brands spend billions on Big Data and advanced analytics, gathering customer insights to personalize relationships and cultivate brand loyalty. Yet despite the huge investments made, there is still a knowledge gap in the data-driven insights that brand marketers currently rely on to personalize interactions and anticipate what customers actually want and need. Whether your goal is to extend lifetime value, grow share of wallet, keep loyal customers from defecting, attract a new demographic or "all of the above," the data-driven customer insights you have access to -- or don't -- may make the difference between success and failure.
  • Can Your Phone Measure Emotion?
    The smartphone has become a control hub to emerging technologies, opening the door to the Internet of Things and setting the stage for a new wave of innovation. Between new device capabilities that mobile companies are racing to patent and produce and ever-evolving functionality within the phone itself, it can be hard to pinpoint which new technologies really matter for advertising. Here is one that caught our eye: emotion estimation.
  • SMS - Beyond Offers
    Make no mistake -- customers want coupons and offers, probably more than anything else you can send. But if you are constrained by those pesky profit margins, or are not in retail, you may find inspiration in these options.
  • Rethinking Brand Advertising In A Mobile World
    For all of the effort publishers are exerting to provide readers with the perfect mobile experience, many in the digital advertising industry seem content to retrofit the same tired desktop solutions onto the smartphone environment. What the industry needs are advertising units created specifically with mobile consumers in mind -- formats that take advantage of the unique engagement opportunities available on smartphones and tablets without damaging the user experience.
  • App-Conomy Still Booming On Paid Content Surge
    The app economy is still booming, driven by growth on China and emerging categories like lifestyle, productivity and gaming. But just as the app ecosystem we imagined ten years ago has morphed radically, one wonders how much it will change again in the next five years.
  • The Truth About Location-Based Mobile Advertising
    Targeting by location alone does not negate the need for audience targeting. Advertisers who are too focused on location may overlook the most basic objective of good advertising: reaching the right people with the right message.
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