• How Mobile Millennials Buy: Banking 74%, App Purchases 53%, Music 51%, Retail 44%
    U.S. Millennials shop in person because of a sense of immediacy, the ability to touch the product, and to see if it fits, based on a new global study. The majority (66%) of Millennials overall shop in a store rather than online in order to get the product right away and 66% because they are able to see, touch and try the merchandise.
  • Mobile-First, Then Digital-First -- How 2016 Transitions Into 2017
    The figures have been reappraised. 2016 was the year of mobile, or at least "mobile-first" -- and early next year we will be digital-first as new channels overtake their traditional rivals for media attention.
  • How App Developers Can Avoid The Dreaded 'Uninstall'
    For every 10 apps that users install on their phones, more than three are ultimately uninstalled, new research finds. How do developers avoid finding themselves on the wrong end of that statistic?
  • All-The-Time Mobile Shopping Heads Into Holidays; 56% Can't Imagine Life Without Phone
    As the annual mobile commerce benchmark of holiday shopping approaches, various pre-holiday shopping studies provide insights into where mobile may fit this time around.
  • Mobile Now Main Channel For Web Access
    Worldwide, more people now rely on mobile gadgets than desktop computers to browse the Web, new research shows. Occurring at some point in October, the shift marks a major milestone in the way we communicate, consume and share information.
  • Future For Tablets Looks Dim
    Lower-quality tablets are not good for the long-term health of the sector. The race to the bottom may "prove detrimental to the market in the long run as detachables could easily be seen as disposable devices rather than potential PC replacements," notes IDC.
  • Customers Are Living in A Mobile-First World -- Is Your Marketing?
    More traffic comes from mobile than desktop globally, prompting the searching question -- what are you doing to make it easier for customers to be loyal on the small screen?
  • Apple's App Store Search Ads Off To Strong Start
    Apple has officially added Search Ads to its App Store in a move designed to give developers a simple way to show off their apps to potential users. Since the beginning of October, developers have nearly doubled their investment in Search Ads, according to fresh findings from mobile analytics and attribution firm AppsFlyer.
  • Google Says: Good Luck Getting Consumers' Attention
    Hoping to get consumers' attention? Good luck. More or less, that's the conclusion of some fresh findings from Google. Among other challenges, consumers are increasingly splitting their focus between multiple screens.
  • Facebook Is SO Pumped For The VR Revolution
    With money to burn, Facebook is betting its future on virtual reality, and made this pretty clear when it dropped $2 billion on Oculus VR in 2014. As we just learned, however, that was only the beginning.
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