• Bots Are Taking Over Facebook!
    About 80 days after inviting brands and businesses to build bots into Messenger, the network has been flooded with more than 11,000 of the little computer programs.
  • Dad Will Buy Kids' School Supplies On Mobile This Year (Probably)
    Dads will be more likely to purchase back-to-school supplies on their mobile devices, according to Rubicon Project's second Back-To-School Consumer Pulse Survey.
  • Mobile Payments Find A Home In The World Of Ticketing, Heading To 300 Million Users
    One of the key drivers of mobile payments is recurring use. For events that happen on a relatively frequent and repetitive basis, mobile payments make sense.
  • Can Video Save Twitter?
    That's clearly what the social giant is thinking. To that end, the network is increasing its allotted video upload length from 30 seconds to -- what else? -- 140 seconds.
  • Google Is Right On VR Bandwagon Jumping -- And Cardboard Fans Are The Worst
    Google has called out brands doing VR for the sake of it -- time to wonder what on earth Jaguar is doing ordering 20,000 Google Cardboard sets?
  • Mobile Ad Spend Nears $100 Billion
    Mobile is beyond hot right now. Illustrating this point, Zenith now expects the ad medium to overtake desktop by 2017 -- a full year ahead of the Publicis unit's previous forecast.
  • MCommerce Leaders Double Up And Pull Ahead -- Have You Left It Too Late?
    The latest research shows that mcommerce has truly gained traction -- but most importantly, the good guys are pulling way ahead of other retailers. Time to get mcommerce-friendly or go home.
  • More Young People Get News From Social Than TV
    Social media has passed television as the most popular source of news for young adults, according to a survey by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism.
  • Mobile-First Social Millennials Are Consigning News Brands To History
    Mobile-first social Millennials see social as more important than television for news -- and half of the time, they don't notice which media brand they're engaging with.
  • Loyalty Customers Gravitate To Brands' Mobile Apps
    Loyal customers tend to like mobile apps. However, loyalty marketers seem to be a bit behind when it comes to using mobile for reward delivery. After all these years of mobile marketing, it would be expected that retailers had developed solid mobile relationships with their best customers.
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