• Buying Entire Purchase Journeys On Mobile Devices
    Because of mobile, we can start to aggregate entire purchase journeys instead of just audiences. Instead of aggregating audiences and predict where they are in the purchase journey using content as proxies, we can use one channel and data to more precisely identify their intent to buy.
  • Wrong Moment, Wrong Place: Is Apple Watch A Driving Hazard?
    The newly released Apple Watch has prompted predictable but understandable worries about media distraction and consumer safety. But it also reminds us how wearable media turn users into curators who will control more precisely which data inputs get through.
  • Mobile Video Soars, But Ad Dollars Lag
    Americans are watching more and more mobile video, but ad dollars are not migrating to the new medium as quickly as might be expected, according to a new report from eMarketer. Mobile video advertising is currently hobbled by a number of problems, including technical issues and challenges in the marketplace, which need to be resolved before advertisers feel confident allocating more video ad dollars.
  • Why Am I Wearing This Apple Watch? Good Question
    The experience of wearing the Apple Watch for the past month is valuable in wholly unexpected, indirect, existential ways. It adds little direct value to my life, but raises long-deferred questions about what connectivity is about.
  • Do Not Disturb
    Telemarketers were notorious for calling during dinner. How much worse is it when you wake someone from a sound sleep with your SMS message or Push Notification? Much, much worse. Take these steps to make sure your brand isn't banned forever from the hearts, minds and smartphones of your customers.
  • Up Periscope, Down Vessel: Mobile Video Growing Pains
    It is an invigorating time in mobile video, as innovators test new ways to reimagine TV. Periscope and Vessel are recent -- and very different -- entrants that demonstrate how far we are from cracking this code.
  • The Apple Not-So-Smart Watch: Do I Own It, Or Does It Own Me?
    Who needs tending in this relationship with my new Apple Watch? Am I managing it or is it managing me? With greater intimacy comes a greater expectation of automated personalization and contextual sensitivity.
  • Get This Crap Off My Phone: We Are Screwing Up The Mobile Experience
    As I feared, many of the bad practices of desktop media are migrating to mobile. Will publishers please take greater responsibility for the quality of the user experience before we turn apps and sites into NASCAR racers?
  • The Moment Has Arrived For 'In-The-Moment' Video
    The moment has arrived for "in-the-moment" video. For the most part, the videos that break out to go viral or become memes are typically spontaneous snapshots of everyday life shot by regular people looking to share with friends, family and followers. The emergence of these new channels is prompting agencies and advertisers to reevaluate how they are using video in their social media campaigns.
  • Mobilegeddon: 7 Things to Check When Making Your Site Mobile-Friendly
    Even if publishers were prepared for the inevitable favoritism that Google would give to sites better optimized to mobile, they may not be as optimized as they can be. So for those who are still trudging through the dystopian future of yet another Google algorithm change, here are some common mistakes that publishers make and how to avoid them.
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