• 2017 Internet Of Things Security Threats
    The 2017 predictions for the Internet of Things keep coming, with one of the latest dealing with what's in store for security. Security and privacy remain major IoT issues, especially as more devices enter consumer homes and become Internet-connected.
  • CES And The Brands Of The Internet Of Things
    One of the striking evolutions of the Internet of Things highlighted at this year's CES is the scope of major brand involvement in very many ways.
  • Facebook Ruled Mobile Roost In 2016
    In 2016, Facebook once again took the lead as the top smartphone app, according to an annual roundup from Nielsen. Showing its mobile dominance, Facebook's Messenger app took second place, with over 129 million average unique users each month.
  • Top 10 Consumer IoT Trends For 2017
    Every year around this time, various entities dust off their crystal balls and provide some guidance as to what they expect to occur in the next year. The IoT forecasts for 2017 are starting to come out, and one of the first takes a swing at the top 10 consumer IoT trends for next year.
  • Mobile Research Starts The Purchase Cycle; 78% Buy Within The Day
    While different countries have varying degrees of penetration, the smartphone is considered the most important device for retail research by almost a third of all retail shoppers, according to a new report conducted by xAD and Millward Brown, which examined shopping behaviors in five countries (the U.S., U.K., Germany, China and Japan).
  • What Mobile Messaging Mania Means For Marketers
    Mobile messaging apps haven't quite taken over the world -- but they're getting there. By 2019, in fact, more than a quarter of the world's population will be using mobile messaging apps, per a new prediction from eMarketer.
  • Top Apps Hogging More Mobile Time
    The 100 most popular apps are hogging more and more of consumers' time, according to fresh findings from Opera Mediaworks. In first-quarter 2016, people spent an average of 30 minutes with top apps and 33.5 minutes in the second quarter; and have spent an average of 36.9 minutes in the third quarter so far.
  • Apple Marks Record 91% Share Of Global Smartphone Profits
    Worldwide, smartphone profits reached $9.4 billion during the third quarter of the year, according to fresh findings from Strategy Analytics. Remarkably, Apple captured a record 91% share of those profits, or about $8.6 billion.
  • More People Consuming Branded Content Via Mobile
    More people are consuming branded content on their mobile devices, according to new data from Polar, which found that in the third quarter, click-through rates on mobile outperformed desktop by 2x.
  • Mobile Showing Strength In Holiday Searches, Purchases
    Purchases from mobile phones on retail sites nearly equaled desktop with an average value of $125 versus $152, respectively, according to data released this week.
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