• Microsoft Emerging As Unlikely AI Leader
    Microsoft is helping to lead the AI revolution. As Wired reports: “It’s a company that has the resources, the data, the talent, and -- most critically -- the vision and culture to not only realize the spoils of the science, but also push the field forward.” Meanwhile, the magazine notes, “The great irony here is that artificial intelligence was once Microsoft’s game to lose.”  
  • Yahoo Ditches 'News Digest' App
    Now under new management, Yahoo is shelving its News Digest app. It’s sad news for The Next Web’s Abhimanyu Ghoshal, who calls News Digest “one of the best mobile apps I’ve ever used.” Among other strengths, “The app didn’t just do a good job of delivering news efficiently, it also offered the most enjoyable user experience I can recall in any recent mobile service,” according to Ghoshal.
  • Reddit Launches Video Ads, Self-Service Ad-Buying Platform
    Reddit is launching video ads that it's making available through a sales team and its existing self-service ad buying platform, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.  "Reddit wants to encourage more advertisers to consider the link-sharing site that calls itself 'the front page of the internet' as a destination for their marketing budgets. The self-serve ad buying platform has been overhauled to give advertisers more options to buy ads on the site. Reddit sells sponsored posts, mobile 'cards' and banner ad formats," the report said. In addition, Reddit will work with media agencies to create self-service ad …
  • Dailymotion Going More Mobile, Premium
    Dailymotion is getting a makeover for a mobile-first world, and will now focus more on premium content. As The Hollywood Reporter reminds us, “Vivendi acquired Dailymotion in June 2015 for $240 million and spent two years assessing its new property.” The site -- often referred to as the European YouTube -- presently claims about 300 million regular users.
  • Periscope Adds 'Super Hearts' As Virtual Gifts
    Periscope is adding “Super Hearts” -- a virtual gift users can buy and then send to others to reward the quality of their live broadcasts. “The feature expands on the existing ability to send hearts as a simple ‘like’ mechanism,” Venture Beat notes. “To start using the feature, a viewer must purchase a package of virtual coins from the App or Play stores.”
  • Pinterest Updates 'Lens' Feature
    Pinterest is adding a new design, camera tools and subject categories to its Lens feature, 9To5Google reports. “Even though Lens started with a lot of limitations, Pinterest has done well to quickly improve and widen the feature’s capabilities,” it comments. Lens began rolling out as a beta, earlier this year.
  • Nextdoor Expands In States, Abroad
    Nextdoor now has a presence in more than 144,000 separate U.S. neighborhoods -- or roughly three-quarters of the country -- Reuters reports. Expanding internationally, the local social network is also entering Germany. As Reuter notes: “Local residents can use the site to ask advice on everything from finding babysitters to organizing neighborhood sports clubs.”
  • Trump Says Government Needs Tech Innovation
    Recode reviews the major points of discussion when some top tech CEOs visited the White House, this week. “Trump … called for a ‘sweeping transformation of the federal government’s technology,’ beginning his push to update the dated inner workings of Washington,” it writes. “Trump admitted that the feds had to ‘catch up’ with the private sector.”
  • YouTube Gives Kids Access To LGBTQ Video
    YouTube has decided to make all PG-rated LGBTQ-related video accessible in Restricted Mode, Engadget reports. “The platform launched Restricted Mode for use by kids and in places of learning, but it didn't quite work as intended,” it notes. “It unfortunately ended up filtering out millions of harmless videos, many of them perfectly wholesome ones with LGBTQ+ themes.”
  • Tumblr Adds 'Safe Mode'
    Tumblr is adding a “Safe Mode” to its content filtering system, TechCrunch reports. “While the company already offered the ability to filter explicit content from its search results, Safe Mode goes a step further to also hide sensitive content in your Tumblr Dashboard,” it writes. “With Safe Mode enabled, Tumblr will now add a screen over any content it deems as sensitive in nature.”
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