• Shut Down Facebook, Vox Cofounder Says
    Vox co-founder and senior correspondent Matthew Yglesias has come to the conclusion that Facebook is “bad,” broken, and should therefore be completely shut down. “Rumors, misinformation, and bad reporting can and do exist in any medium,” Yglesias  admits. “But Facebook created a medium that is optimized for fakeness, not as an algorithmic quirk but due to the core conception of the platform.”    
  • Facebook Adding Messenger App Features
    Facebook is rolling out some new features for its Messenger app. “The first of the tools is aimed at group admins, allowing them to essentially vet new members of group chats before they can join in,” Venture Beat reports. “So if any non-admin decides to invite someone into the group, the group admin will have the final say.”    
  • The Man Who Blew The Whistle On Cambridge Analytica
    The Guardian has a revealing interview with Christopher Wylie, the former Cambridge Analytica employee who is now telling all about the company’s controversial data harvesting practices. “We are still only just starting to understand the maelstrom of forces that came together to create the conditions for what [Special Counsel Robert] Mueller confirmed last month was ‘information warfare,’” The Guardian writes. “But Wylie offers a unique, worm’s-eye view of the events of 2016.”  
  • Facebook Adds Live-Streaming Features
    Facebook is adding some new features for live streamers and their followers. “The social network is announcing direct livestreaming from PC games to Facebook and in-game rewards for livestream spectators,” Venture Beat writes. “This push for more streaming features falls under Facebook’s ongoing focus to make it easier for developers to integrate video sharing features directly into their games.”
  • Google Expands 'Instant Apps' To Games
    Google just expanded its Instant Apps program, which TechCrunch calls “a way for developers to give users a native app experience that didn’t involve having to install anything.” Now, the search giant is adding games to the mix. As such, “You can now see what playing a level or two of Clash Royale, Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire or Panda Pop is like without having to go through the usual install procedure.”
  • Facebook Floats New Opportunities for Content Creators
    Facebook is piloting a product testing program built around creator needs, Marketing Land reports. “Scheduled to roll out over the coming weeks to a small group, the experimental features are aimed at driving more fan engagement for creators and helping them create revenue from their Facebook activities,” it writes. “Facebook is experimenting with two different revenue-generating tools … One will allow creators to shop themselves to advertisers and brands for branded-content opportunities.”
  • Wikipedia Asked Readers What They Want
    When visiting Wikipedia, about a third (35%) are looking for a specific fact, another third (33%) are interested in an overview of a particular topic, while another third (32%) plan on diving deep into a topic. That’s according to a user survey conducted by the information Web site, as reported by Fast Company.
  • Google Finds No 'Significant' Wage Gap Between Rank And File
    Alphabet says it has found no statistically significant discrepancy between the salaries paid to Google’s male and female employees. Yet 11% of its employee population was left out of the analysis “because they belonged to job groups that were either too small or too imbalanced to meet Google’s standards for ‘statistical rigor,’” Bloomberg reports. That group included the company’s senior vice presidents and more senior ranking executives.
  • Google Offering 'Lens' To All 'Photos' Users
    Google plans to offer its Lens features to all Google Photos users in the coming weeks. “Google Lens, like Assistant, is an extension of Google Search,” writes 9To5Mac. “It can analyze what’s in an image and provide relevant actions and search results.”
  • Apple Planning Big Education Announcement
    Apple's media event scheduled for next Tuesday is expected to focus on its latest education efforts. Specifically, the keynote will focus on “creative new ideas for teachers and students,” MacRumors reports. Additionally, “There is quite a bit of rumored hardware and software in Apple’s pipeline that could fit within an educational theme, including lower-priced versions of the iPad and MacBook Air.”  
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