• Google Ads To Be Phased Out And Absorbed Into Google Discovery
    Google Ads will longer be offered as a standalone ad type, starting in July. The service will be absorbed into Google Discovery, the company has announced. 
  • GDPR Fines Total GBP242.6 Million Since Inception
    EU regulators have imposed €158.5 million in GDPR-related fines since January 28, 2020, and £242.6 million since the law’s implementation in May 2018. Here’s a report on the impact. 
  • Online Shopping Hit $188.2 Billion During Holidays: Adobe
    U.S. consumers spent $188.2 billion online during the 2020 holiday season, a 32% increase over 2019, according to Adobe Analytics. The Cyber Monday tally hit $100 billion.   
  • Why Klaviyo Is Valued At $4.2 Billion
    Ecommerce provider Klaviyo is now valued at a $4.2 billion valuation. Here are the reasons for that gold-rush valuation. 
  • Facebook Outage Interferes With Messaging
    Facebook and Instagram users were hit with an outage affecting their ability to send messages on Thursday morning. The disruptions have been resolved, Facebook says. 
  • What Brands Are Doing With The New Flow Of Incoming Data
    The surge in online shopping has led to a flood of new data for brands. Here’s a look at what they’re doing with the new information. 
  • Driving ROI With Tactile Marketing Automation
    Automation can get you only so far: Customers crave intimacy. The solution is to merge digital channels with direct mail via tactile marketing automation.
  • Fox News' Juan Williams Reportedly Tests Positive For COVID
    Network declines to comment on Williams' test result, citing privacy concerns, but says the hosts of "The Five" will broadcast from home studios for the foreseeable future.
  • Pandemic Has Been Good For 70% Of Mobile Marketers: Study
    The COVID-19 pandemic has been a positive for mobile marketers — 70% say so, according to a study by app marketing firm Liftoff. The gaming, shopping and finance categories saw record app downloads. 
  • How To Use Video Across All Your Marketing Channels
    Research shows that 43% of consumers want to see more videos from online brands. Here’s how to start leveraging video in all your marketing channels.
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