• DMA To Fight EU Rules On B2B Email Permissions
    The EU Commission has proposed making business-to-business (B2B) marketing via electronic channels permissible only with an opt-in consent. Under PECR email and SMS B2B marketing is opt-out. Under the new rules businesses would need a prior consent in order to contact other businesses with direct marketing communications. This is a major change.
  • Best To Start GDPR Double Opt-In Now To Prepare For 2018
    With the arrival of the new legislation, double opt-in will become essential for businesses looking to continue their marketing after 2018. In order to sign up for communications, prospects will have to fill out a form or tick a box and then confirm it was their actions in a further email.
  • How To Balance Design And Text In Winning Emails
    An unwritten rule that the image: text ratio must be 40:60 is something for everyone to follow if you wish to surpass the hassles of deliverability. If you wish to defy the rule for to make your email image more visually pleasing, you can choose to add a background image. Even if an ESP like Outlook blocks background images, there is a way to handle the issue.
  • Non-Openers Represent A Huge Opportunity
    To an email marketer, people who have not opened email represent a big chunk of their database. Email is without a doubt the one of the most effective digital marketing channels, although as few as 5% of people who engage are active buyers. It's also relatively fairly straightforward way to predict return on advertising spend, based on historical open and conversion rates.
  • Put Together An Email Calendar To Help Plan 2017
    Write a draft calendar for 2017 that includes the types of emails or promotions you want to run throughout the year -- whether it will be repeats of successful campaigns from 2016, new ideas, or even replicating what competitors have done. The point of the exercise is to physically write a plan on a calendar, as a high-level schedule. This plan will provide a basic roadmap.
  • One In Three Marketers Looking To Segment Email Lists
    Just like "one size doesn't fit all," everyone has a different taste. Thus segmentation comes into play. "Segmentation" in email marketing is like knowing the "exact measure" of what ingredients must go in a dish to make it totally lip-smacking! As per a MarketingSherpa Report, 32% of marketers aim to segment their email database in the coming years.
  • Email Is An ROI Leader
    Email marketing has proven year after year to be an extremely important channel for retailers. Those who do it right enjoy not only more business, but both higher customer engagement and satisfaction levels. But how exactly is email marketing used by retailers, which areas are showing successes (and failures) and what can this sector learn from its peers?
  • Social Buy Buttons Are Not Working, Campaigner Claims
    Most retailers don't use Buy buttons, and even among those that do, few generate significant sales from them. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other social networks have spent more than a year rolling out Buy buttons that enable consumers to buy directly on their platforms. But few retailers are using the buttons and few are generating much in the way of sales.
  • How Pokemon Can Give Email Marketing A Boost
    There are many examples of brands that are including Pokemon Go in their email marketing to boost sales, visits, attendance and more. We now live in an age where trends rise and die out in a shorter time than ever and we can only expect this to accelerate, while there's a very important internal debate to be had on whether or not a new fad complements your brand.
  • Optimising And Previewing Emails Is A Golden Rule Not To Be Broken
    "Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc., all display emails slightly differently, and all look different on desktop vs. mobile," notes Nate Kristy, vice president, marketing, Automational. "Most marketing automation tools will allow you to preview your message on different-sized screens and make sure everything appears as intended. [Just] be sure you are using this feature."
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