Expedia Launches BT Ad Format

Expedia.comExpedia has launched a new behaviorally targeted ad format that allows advertisers to reach consumers when they are planning trips and are more likely to make travel-related purchases.

The new Passport Ads use anonymous search data from Expedia.com to hone in on "in-market" travel consumers, then send them messages matched to their travel plans on other sites they visit around the Web. So, if someone searched for "hotels in Hawaii" on Expedia, they might begin to see ads in line with a Hawaiian trip.

"Now advertisers can create highly tailored messages that target travelers during the entire vacation planning and booking process and throughout the entire online experience--from reading the news to checking their weather forecast or shopping for clothes," said Doug Miller, vice president of Global Media Solutions, Expedia, in a statement.



The new format builds on Expedia's TravelAds, which use shopper search behavior to deliver highly targeted ads at the point-of-sale. Introduced last year, TravelAds enable hotels to bid for premium placement within hotel search results on Expedia.com and Hotels.com. With 22.7 million unique visitors in January, Expedia ranks among the Internet's top 50 properties, according to comScore.

The company says it reaches half of all online travel shoppers.

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