Burst Media Product Helps Build Reach

adConductor homepageTargeting online media entities in search of greater reach, Burst Media's ad management platform adConductor has launched an Inventory Exchange.

The product is designed to help Web publishers, ad networks, and ad exchanges build reach without having to acquire site-partners or recruit affiliates.

"The ability to offer advertisers the scale to deliver campaigns and budgets is vital," said Sean Keaveny, SVP of sales at Burst's adConductor unit.

The Inventory Exchange also offers demographic and geographic targeting capabilities, along with additional audiences for remarketing and retargeting.

The new platform has a team of "campaign experts" to help clients forecast inventory, traffic and test creative, optimize campaign performance and pay publishers.

Founded in 1995, the Burlington, Mass.-based Burst helps advertisers to reach finely segmented consumers as they visit its various interest-based sub-channels. Burst's vertical audience networks include Auto, Entertainment, Moms, Early Adopters, Family Builders, Baby Boomers, Family Travelers, Green, Trendsetters, Gamers, Thought Leaders and Wellness.

Burst also offers publisher-led networks including the CDKitchen Cooking Network, the RealGM Sports Network, the Daily Jolt College Network and the Kiwibox Teen Network.

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