Burger King Apple Fries Headed For Supermarkets

BK's Apple FriesBurger King Corp. has signed a licensing agreement with Crunch Pak to sell BK Fresh Apple Fries in supermarkets.

The popular BK Kids Meal product is made from fresh (not fried) skinless red apples sliced to resemble traditional potato fries. It will be available in the fresh-cut fruits and vegetables section of approximately 10,000 supermarkets nationwide, starting this fall.

A single serving will be priced at approximately $1, and a larger package with multiple servings will sell for between $4 and $5.

Noting that BK has sold 29 million servings of the apple fries since their launch last year, John Schaufelberger, SVP global product marketing and innovation, said in a statement that the item clearly satisfies parents' desire for foods that are nutritious, convenient and appealing to kids.



This is not BK's first foray into supermarkets. In November 2007, Burger King Snacks -- including chips in "Ketchup & Fries" and "Flame-Broiled Burger" flavors and onion rings -- were introduced in mainstream retail channels and vending machines.

BK executives characterized the snack's launch as being more about brand visibility than revenue, and the chain says this is also true for the Apple Fries retail extension. "The program will result in revenue, but that is not the primary focus," according to a spokesperson.

With consumers cutting back even on fast-food restaurant visits in favor of buying food for home-prepared meals these days, the exposure level should be significant. In fact, Schaufelberger pointed out that "the popularity of this clever product is now opening up new channels for our business and providing our customers with a menu favorite in the places they shop most."

BK is one of a growing number of restaurant chains to license its brands for retail products, including Starbucks, California Pizza Kitchen and Dunkin' Donuts.

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