Doritos Bags Enable Virtual 3-D Concert Experience

DoritosBags of Doritos Late Night are functioning as "tickets" to enable consumers to access and interact with virtual, 3-D performances by the bands blink-182 and Big Boi.

Specially marked bags of the brand's Late Night varieties bear markers that are recognizable by augmented reality technology -- technology that enhances video imagery with computer-generated graphics in real-time. The concerts are being billed as the first-ever augmented reality experiences to showcase live-action video within a 3-D, interactive environment.

Users log onto and point the printed marker on the bag at a Web cam to launch virtual performances that seem to "pop directly out of the bag." In addition, the technology allows users to change the video performances experienced (two songs by blink-182, one song by Big Boi) each time simply by changing the way they hold or move the snack bag.



Participants can also enter for a chance to win tickets to a live blink-182 show in the city of their choice this summer. The band's tour, launching July 24 in Las Vegas, will stop in more than 40 cities.

The novel online events -- described by the brand as "concerts in the palm of your hand" -- are the latest in an ongoing series of innovative efforts focused on involving and giving control to fans of the Doritos brand.

The PepsiCo Frito-Lay division brand has been structuring its marketing around those concepts and continuous dialogue with its fans since 2006, when a new Doritos marketing team led by Director of Marketing Rudy Wilson took over.

Like the spicier, more "uninhibited" flavors in the new Late Night line, which was launched in April, the augmented reality concerts reflect the reality that young people in particular "have different sides during the day and late at night," says Wilson. "They may eat different foods. What else do they do late at night? They like to listen to music. And they want to be able to control where and when they listen to the music."

The special-edition snack bags will be available for an unspecified, limited time at retailers nationwide in support of the Late Night launch. Whether more such concerts are developed will depend on what Doritos hears in its dialogue with consumers via social media and other channels, Wilson says.

Doritos' most visible implementation of the "giving fans control" concept to date has been its "Crash the Super Bowl" program, which asks consumers to create its advertising for the big game. Doritos became the first brand to broadcast a consumer-generated ad during 2007's Super Bowl, and launched careers for the winning video creators in 2008 and 2009. Last year's commercial topped USA Today's advertising meter for the event.

Other programs have included the launch of Flavor Shots, which allow consumers to control flavor intensity with flavor packets; a promotion enabling fans to design the first consumer-generated Xbox Live Arcade game; another that enables consumers to determine which of two new flavors continued at retail and which was discontinued; and another in which consumers were given the chance to name a new flavor of the chips.

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  1. Dean Collins from Cognation Inc, July 7, 2009 at 11:55 a.m.

    Tuesday, July 07, 2009
    Doritos bag augmented reality - finally some decent marketing ideas!!

    You already know if you read this blog even a little that i'm big into 2d bar codes and into augmented reality marketing opportunities, but because i'm not a brand manager i'm not in a position to do anything about it, and when i talk to FMCG and advertising agencies about why these technologies are so cool and the fantastic potential for consumer interaction, they are all we want to wait until its more widely deployed (.....pussies!!).

    And then when you do get crap like the Pappa Johns 'car tour augmented reality campaign' it makes me want to get all 'wolfenstein' on their asses and roam the halls of their marketing agency with a double barrel shotgun.

    It kills me as a technology person that these great 'value add' enhancements aren't being deployed, if i hear one more brand manager say we dont want to implement QR code campaigns until the readers are deployed on the handsets..... it just makes me want to scream "well if you actually put some worthwhile content out there people will actually feel the desire to download a reader to their handset in order to access that specific content".

    You know advertising..... it used to be an art about about creating desire, not just reach and ad spend.

    It's exactly the same technology that I've talked about here and here but just done well.

    Well FMCG and Brand managers it's over to you now. If you need some help i'm happy to answer questions but this isn't about the technology, F the technology, this is just about creating customer interaction and brand awareness but most of all it's about creating desire.

    Oh of course feel free to go back to your normal 'budget spreadsheets' as you know better and reach is all that matters.

    (you need to click through to the blog to get the actual url links but you get the point....this is about content and interaction NOT technology).

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