Just An Online Minute... What Do Books, Vitals, Zombie Hamburgers, And Morimoto Have In Common?

What's this Ad:Tech thing I keep hearing about?  Last year I had a "press pass" but didn't really use it for anything.  I covered parties, of course, because that's what pays the bills, but nothing really indicated that it was a week different from any other.  I must not be a tastemaker either, because no one tried to bribe me with free tickets in exchange for tweets+coverage.  Heehaw.  Either way, this week is thankfully gentle compared to the social mudslide next week.   One bacchanal focuses on the afterlife and whether you'll burn in a pile of bad press releases or eat fluffy marshmallows on a mountain of swag.

Tomorrow, Oct. 27, I'll be gawking at the inside of Morimoto, a place I've only peered at while stretch Escalades unload chicken-legged women draped in furs, drenched in Chanel perfumes, and attached to the perfectly suited arms of men supporting pocket flair.  They usually totter in through the luxurious door curtain on heels that cost more than my life while I trudge by in my jeans and sneaks.  But ha ha to you, I'll be covering the launch party of the Motorola CLIQ with ear food provided by Chromeo and Holy Ghost!  Holy hipster disco!



On Thursday, Oct. 28, I'm finally returning to Digital DUMBO. This time, it's a Halloween costume party (but those uncostumed are still welcome -- no, that doesn't mean sans clothes).  I had the greatest intentions to go as a zombie hamburger, but who the heck has the time to shop for costumes anymore?  Now I'm going to have to really dig deep.  Maybe I'll be a "serious journalist."

Also on Thursday and Friday of this week, two OMMA shows are invading LA - OMMA Mobile and OMMA Video.  If you're not going to make it to LA and you want to eavesdrop, check up on the hashtags #OMMAMobile and #OMMAVideo respectively on Twitter!  And not to make you as cranky as I am, but the weather report for L.A. looks a lot friendlier than anything popping up on the East Coast.


And now, on to next week!

We've got OMMA AdNets on Tuesday, Nov. 3 at the Crowne Plaza Time Square.  If you're going, you'd better stick around for the cocktail party from 5 to 7 p.m., because I will be covering it.  Be sure to use the hashtag #OMMANets if you're going and you plan to tweet your experience.  And again, if you're a lurking lurker, keep up with the hashtag to see what everyone is talking about.

Wednesday I'll be pre-gaming at the comScore Cocktail Reception (oh I know, nothing says sexy party like research) at   The Park NYC.  The invitation included the phrase "big movements" -- which always make me snort like an eight-year-old boy.  After kicking out the key industry development jams with the comScore crew, I'll be heading to Marquee for the Epic (not an adjective, an agency) AdTech Week Heaven and Hell party.  There better be some misbehavin'.   Part of me wants to get some devil horns for this -- either body modification or just a sparkly headband.  Still undecided.

Thursday I'm going to try my best to make both two launch parties.  One is for one of those paper things with words.  What are those called?  They have bindings, too... Right! Books! It's a book launch for  "Art of the Idea," written by Worldwide Creative Director of TBWA, John Hunt.  The vertical scrolling web site hurts my feelings.  Let's hope the party doesn't.  Before or after the book launch is the multilayered party hosted by Vital Business Media & SRDS (first read that as SARS).  They're celebrating   The SRDS Interactive Advertising Directory, the eMedia Vital Signs report, and the official launch of

Friday I have something on my calendar that reads "Monte Carlo Night" and I truly have no idea what that is.  When I figure it out, I'll let you know before anyone else.  I just lied. I have a felling I'll tell someone else before you, but don't hate me.

What's your plan for Ad:Tech or No:Tech, the week that's just a week?

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