Just An Online Minute... DROIDS And Humanoids Celebrate Motorola At Morimoto

Motorola CLIQ Launch Party, Morimoto, New York
October 28, 2009

It's always fun to see who brands see as "influencers," or at least the kinds of people who will blather goofily about how they were at this swank party at Morimoto, aren't you jealous. It's also fun to look around and see so many different types of people.  I'm talking model types, gossip-mag types, nerdy types, photog Nazi types, Brussels types, wind-up robot types, crazy weirdo types.  They were all there last night.  This mish-mosh of characters would inflate and deflate like an untethered weather balloon in the Colorado sun throughout the night with one constant: sassy music and high brow filet-o-fish.

I hate being late.  I hate when you're late, true, but I hate it more when I'm late.  That flustered feeling is unshakeable.  Wine helps -- or hinders.  You be the judge.  Anyway, I arrived at the legendary Morimoto at 9 p.m., an hour after the party started.   My invitation from Cake was kind enough to warmly welcome me + a guest so I didn't have to feel like a fool asking for a +1 ( hey, my job is WAY easier with a wingman) and I brought my dude, David Factor, who is a music industry type at ADA Music (not the dental association, though he has great teeth).

Upon my approach, Toby Daniels, Cofounder & Director at ThinkSocial, and a long-stemmed lass whizzed by hurriedly.  When I walked in, I ran into the newly engaged and Mashable Adam Hirsch and Sharon Feder making the coat check line look good.  Those two are just the nicest people you'll ever meet.  They don't suck.  I dare you to find something about them that sucks.  They just don't.  They left soon after I arrived.  Who else was hanging around at this shiny Motorola buzzmaker?

Well, I'll tell you.  As I was snapping pictures of freakin' lobster oyster towers, the rich man's filet-o-fish (so, so, so good), and the scads of wind-up robots that oddly kept disappearing (you kleptos!) I felt a tap on my back.  It was Nick McGlynn (who looks svelter, can I say that?). He warned me that the photo Nazis had approached him, saying they were only allowing in-house photography.  I. Hate. That.  "They know what I do..." echoed McGlynn.  And no, that's not egotistical.  You know your guest list, don't you?  It's like inviting Chromeo and Holy Ghost! and asking them not to play music.

Anyway, this didn't stop me.  As you can see, photos are always included in my coverage, so I was there to work, and work I did.  Nick said he got in a good hour of shooting too, so there!

Matt Caldecutt of Trylon SMR was surveying the scene with Nichelle Stephens, always the Zorak to his Space Ghost.  Sarah Merion, a curly-haired Michigan native (I knew there was a reason I liked her) and current social/digital explorer, was also hanging about, dodging the in-constant-motion Walt Ribeiro.

 Let me tell you a little something about Walt.  He's smarter than all of us.  He takes pop tunes like, say, "Poker Face" from Lady Gaga, and arranges them for orchestra for  It's also important to note that he is always, literally, scurrying from here to there.  Scurrying.  Last night he substituted bouncing in for scurry.  He bounced between Damien Basille, who was channeling '70s Hugh Hefner  in a smoking jacket, and his ladyfriend Christina Coster.

While talking robot love with Israel Mirsky, Director of Marketing at [x+1], and his gal Michelle Shildkret (formerly of 360i, currently enjoying Cake) I reconnected like a SCSI cable with Julia Kaganskiy.  She was one of the first people I met when I started covering all kinds of media/advert/digi parties and since the day we met, her career has been constantly morphing.  She once was Social Media and Community Manager at Unigo and while there she created the Arts, Culture, and Techology Meetup , which was an instant hit due to her dedication.  Oh, and her Meetup is officially sponsored now by none other than The New York Times.  She moved on to Cake for how long I don't recall, and is now at MoMA surrounded by her loves.  Speaking of art, one gem of the evening was Gregoire Vogelsang, a  man from Brussels who closed an art gallery and is now pecking around NYC looking for his next gig.  He should go to the Arts & Tech Meetup!  Gregoire is gregarious. 

I eyeballed Van Veen, co-founder and Editor in Chief of -- and a bunch of people told me that Judah Friedlander and Mario Cantone were also there.  What did I say earlier, people? Strangest mix of people ever.  Oh, and in a little room off to the side, I found lots of people playing with DROIDS.  They were being corralled by the fiery-locked Rosie Siman.  I might steal her hair next time I see her.

And how could I forget -- I ran into Jared Shapiro, Executive Editor of Life&Style,previously of Central Park, more recently of the Made In Italy party. I tried to wrangle his group for a photo, but Jesus on a jackhammer, it was like herding toads.  One woman even challenged my right to photograph the event because she handled press for Motorola and "didn't know" I was coming.  Well, honey, you probably didn't know I would be there because I'm nobody, and two, it's not my problem if all moving parts don't communicate.  Somehow, and if you're a photog, you know what I'm saying, I end up feeling unwelcome or worse, berated, when the team ain't so cohesive.  COMMUNICATE.

The party itself never reached 11 on the amp, and the reason escapes me.  Morimoto would fill up one moment and then deflate in the next, cyclically.   I guess free food, drinks, and a fantastic DJ set just don't impress anymore.  What's wrong with you people?  One guest -- was it Caldecutt? -- remarked that once people filled out their card for their free Moto phone they left.  Well boo to them, they missed an entertaining night.

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  1. Rosie Siman from 360i, November 3, 2009 at 3:29 p.m.

    you can steal my hair anytime :)

  2. Kelly Samardak from Shortstack Photography, November 3, 2009 at 3:56 p.m.

    YES! Rosie you better watch yourself next time I see you!

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