JC Penney Promoting Joyful (And Affordable) Giving

JCPenney ad spot

It's been said that "it's better to give than receive." JC Penney is looking to prove that with its holiday marketing effort that highlights the "Joy of Giving."

The Plano, Texas-based retailer's holiday marketing campaign will launch next week with a 30-second television commercial from agency Saatchi & Saatchi. The spot follows a little boy as he makes his way through a home filled with friends and family to deliver a special gift for a loved one. The commercial showcases the wide range of gifts available at the retailer, calling out the brands and the pricepoints available.

"We are highlighting how we make gift-giving a joyous occasion with our exciting assortment of stylish, high-quality gifts -- all available at affordable prices that make sense for today's budgets," company representative Kate Coultas tells Marketing Daily via email.



The retailer will also air a Spanish-language version of the spot and will screen an expanded 60-second version in movie theaters beginning Nov. 20.

In addition, the company will highlight its "Joy of Giving" campaign through its Web site and include a gifting application on its Facebook page. The application will allow users to browse gifts and share stories about finding the perfect gifts.

A feature will also allow fans to exchange stories about how they give joy during the holiday season, "building a source of stories that fans can respond to, share and read," Coultas says. "Additionally, fans can select a Facebook friend and JC Penney will assist them by providing gift recommendations selected specifically for that friend."

JC Penney also has created a special mobile application that allows customers to browse the company's products, upload to the Facebook application and register for a wake-up call for door-buster, post-Thanksgiving and Christmas sales.

Through an iPhone app, customers can also browse advertised sales items, create portable shopping lists and find the nearest store to their current location. Finally, JC Penney is also working with Cellfire Inc. to create coupons that are downloadable to cell phones, Coultas reports.

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